I’ve been sitting here staring at the screen for twenty minutes wondering what to say. I’m tired, under-caffeinated (it is SO a two cup morning…I’ll get right on that in a bit), and totally woke up to a hallucination that my mother was calling my name in that you-were-supposed-to-be-up-forty-five-minutes-ago-and-now-you’re-gonna-be-late-for-school tone. I’m home now, and judging by the size of my glands, totally getting sick. Because a raging sinus infection is so what I need right now.

My grandmother is out of immediate danger and improved enough yesterday that they could take her off of the C-PAP and put her on the canula. But the reality is that she’s very old and is not likely to improve beyond where she’s been the last month. So the next step is hospice. The place she’ll be going has a fantastic reputation and wonderful staff, so she’ll be comfortable for however long she has left. We’re as good with that as we can be.

Before all this stuff, I had some really good ideas for some improvements/deepening of Red. I’m working from home today, where it’s quiet and I might actually get some stuff done and along with some of the prep cooking I usually do for my gluten-free hubs on the weekend that I haven’t had a chance to do. Between that and lectures, I hope to revisit those ideas, make a good list, so that when I can focus on fiction again, they’re not forgotten. Fortunately, I spewed all of it at my crit partners in gmail, so I have a record.

More tea…