Approaching The End

Clearly I am just not in a blogging frame of mind.  The longer I’m at this, the more I get immersed in whatever book I’m writing, until writing Other Stuff just…doesn’t enter my consciousness.  Until I surface and need to start digging out the house again. The #ROW80 Update While I am approaching the end, […]

Back From The Dead and FREE BOOKS

I’m surfacing from a serious Hell Week at the Evil Day Job in the wake of getting a grant out the door and trying desperately to catch up on all the OTHER stuff that had to slide in order to actually do that.  My to do list makes me tired just looking at it (so, […]

Free Mirus Short Story: Whisper of Shadow

So I’ve got a (sort of) new Mirus short story that’s rolling out THIS WEEK.  Whisper of Shadow originally appeared in the Magical Mayhem anthology last year, but I’m pretty sure most folks missed it.  I just got my cover art back from the fabulous Robin Ludwig, and it’s already been uploaded everywhere. What Emily wants […]

Pondering The Freebie

One of the often lamented aspects of self publishing is that despite the myriad of awesome opportunities we have to publish digitally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others, we do not have the opportunity to give stuff away for free like the publishing companies do. Or do we? Certainly we can’t list work for […]

A Tome About Promo for Indie Authors: Part 2-The Freebie

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about The Blog Tour. Costs you nothing but time and helps build some recognition for your name.  Today I want to shift gears and talk about something else that costs you nothing–the freebie. Now when I say freebie, I mean a couple of different things.  A freebie, […]

Free Fiction Friday: Forsaken By Shadow 24/24

Well we’re finally here.  The last installment of my debut novella Forsaken By Shadow.  If you’re just joining us, you can find links to previous episodes here. ~*~ Gage landed on his back in an echoing marble chamber. The impact jarred his shoulder and drove the breath from his lungs. The buzz of voices he’d […]

Free Fiction Friday: Forsaken By Shadow Part 23/24

Just joining us?  Links to previous episodes here. *   *   * Chapter 12   The climb took considerable creative maneuvering and some piggybacking to make sure that the weaker and more seriously wounded of the party made it out of the base. But hours after she and Gage had driven through the fortified gates of […]

Free Fiction Friday: Forsaken By Shadow Part 22/24

Just joining us?  Links to previous episodes here. *   *   * The fae’s lips twitched as he knelt beside her. “It’s Orrin.” At his signal, Gage eased back, taking his hands and the pressure off the wound in her side. Embry saw rather than felt when Orrin carefully felt around the injury. Not good. Not […]

Get Devil’s Eye For FREE!

For my previous release, Forsaken By Shadow, I did a huge review copy giveaway to garner honest reviews across assorted retailers, to start building a reputation as an author who puts out a respectable product.  Y’all were hugely instrumental in helping me achieve that goal such that the launch of Devil’s Eye–which has been so […]

Free Fiction Friday: Forsaken By Shadow Part 21/24

After a holiday break, Free Fiction Friday is back with the next episode of Forsaken By Shadow. Just joining us?  Links to previous episodes here. *   *   * Chapter 11   Embry was nearby. Gage hadn’t seen her yet. He’d been too busy fighting and couldn’t see past the smoke. But the blackened remains of […]