Who’s Pot?

Anybody who hangs out here for any length of time will hear me talk about Pot.  Lest you think I have a very public marijuana habit (never tried it, thanks), Pot is my crit partner Susan Bischoff, author of the fabulous Talent Chronicles.  She is Pot to my Kettle…our long standing nicknames from the very beginning of our critique relationship.  It started (I think) because in the beginning Susan wrote me a crit on some chapter or other and signed it Pot because she knew she was calling me out on something she’d done in her own work.  I wrote back as Kettle and the nicknames stuck.

One thought on “Who’s Pot?”

  1. Robert Diethild - June 26, 2011 7:32 pm

    I knew when I read the title that you didn’t mean “pot” ’cause you capitalized the word “Pot”. I mean, unless you were a hedonist from the 60’s and worshiped everything decadent or had a keyboard malfunction, you’d never do that by mistake would you? You’re much to good a writer for that. I’m not just sucking up and you KNOW this!

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