Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 1904

Daily Goal: Met

And I’ve actually already met my weekly goal, with a total of 7842 for the week already. This works out well as I’m going to my mother’s tomorrow night, having a garage sale with her Saturday morning, then coming back here to company Saturday night. Not sure how much else I’ll get written. Stuff needs to gel more. We had a near love scene, followed by a really horrific act of sabotage involving mass quantities of creepy crawlies, and an attack of conscience for Marin who is realizing she’s already falling for Wyatt. Next up is a scene with he and his grandmother but I don’t know what all I want to do with that yet, so stopping for the night.

4 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. You’re doing great! You’re on your original outline, but as stuff presents itself to as you go along, you grab onto it and wrestle it into place! My shiny Kettle, an example to all.

    Your scum-encrusted

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