Three Awesome Things

This woman is beautiful and awesome.


Lowes is evidently now partnering with Hertz to offer truck and van rental.  So if you’re one of those people without a truck or van who’s had to rely on the kindness of friends who do to get big stuff home, you now have another option.  Granted, it’ll probably cost you more than the six pack and pizza you’d pay your friend with, but it also won’t annoy them.

My latest musical obsession is Abel Korzeniowski.  This guy’s scores are flipping AMAZING for drama.  This one for Romeo and Juliet (a remake of that I didn’t even know about, not that I much care) is my current fave.  (Secondary awesome: You can now apparently embed Spotify playlists in a page)

12 thoughts on “Three Awesome Things

  1. Our local Lowe’s offers a truck rental for $19 for 90 minutes. Home Depot is $20 for an hour. Both are typically enough time for a typical home delivery of a large item like an appliance. I don’t think these prices are unreasonable.

  2. I saw that video last week and fell a little in love with her strength and attitude.
    And I read Once Upon A Snow Day last night, and i just want to know… where is the rest??? It ended too soon!

      1. Oh, I know. But I wanted more, because I liked the characters and really enjoyed your voice!

        How is Ontario treating you? I mean, apart from the Polar Vortex, and the frost quakes congratulating you on the timing of your relocation? 😀

          1. Okay, well *that’s* embarrassing. I recently met another Kait, romance writer who was stepping tentatively into contemporary, and confused you with her! I had never met anyone called Kait, before her, and then you liked one of my posts, and I didn’t double-check the surname. How embarrasking, as Popeye used to say.

              1. The Kait I met was moving back to Ontario from BC, about two days after I met her. Is that really you? Because I only met her once, and she looked enough like you in general terms (young, female, dark hair) that you could indeed be the same person. Do you write under Nolan to keep your real name Sooper Sekrit? Or are you just messing with poor confused me?

              2. No, it just seems odd that there should be another Kait just starting out in contemporary romance. I was the only one of me I was aware of. No Canadian here. Hard core, Deep South.

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