Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I have officially reached that point of overwhelmed with stuff to do in my house that I’m going to have to start breaking things down into a zillion, very specific, discrete tasks.  Like, clear off chair in bedroom.  (Check).  I think there’s stuff on every horizontal surface, projects to be gotten to “eventually”, and stuff that needs to be sold, tossed, or put away.  As a general rule I’m normally really good about this, but I kind of feel like since the holidays, I’ve been generally behind on EVERYTHING.  Stuff seems to take longer than it used to.  I didn’t get a bow on the Christmas wreath until New Year’s Eve.  The wreath didn’t come DOWN until St. Patrick’s Day.  And we aren’t going to talk about how long it’s been since I dusted because I know my mom is giving me The Eye over that.
  2. But I have knocked out a few things today in addition to the usual laundry and batch cooking.  Got the new bedskirt ironed and put on (hardest thing I have ever tried to iron).  Swapped out a painting over the fireplace with one my mom sent down.  I plan to put the one that WAS there above my desk in the office, but it’s going to necessitate MOVING the desk and getting a ladder, which means…it’s probably not happening today.
  3. I’ve had a great writing week.  Over 8k words in 6 days.  I’m hitting my stride with this book.  The hero and heroine are starting to spew dialogue at me at inopportune moments.  And I’ve reached that point where they keep surprising me, and the scenes coming out are richer and more interesting  than the simple sketch I had in my outline.  This is, let’s face it, the reason stuff around the house has been sliding.  If it comes down to words or chores…lately it’s been words.
  4. I launched a new venture this week along with Susan Bischoff and Lauralynn Elliott.  We have started The Forge: Affordable Book Finishing.  Between the three of us, we offer content editing, proofreading, and ebook formatting.   I did some SUPER fast web design, throwing together logos and making headers and buttons and whatnot.   We launched on Friday, and it seems the word is getting spread quite nicely given how quickly this project was conceived and put together.
  5. The allergen free thing is going well.  This week I tested dairy, gluten, and eggs.  All seem to be in the clear, thank God.  Next up, soy and corn.  So far I’m down five pounds.  I may NOT be sensitive to the 9 major allergens (and would be totally fine if that were the case).  But if nothing else, this whole experience has confirmed that, has cut out almost all processed foods (not something I historically eat a lot of to start with, but that I’d let slide along with the household chores the last several months), and cut out the craving for junk.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I feel like my house is like that, too, right now. Small tasks…that way it’s not so overwhelming. But it’s great you’re getting the words written!

    I’m really excited about our new venture. 🙂

  2. Breaking things down into smaller tasks is always better for me, feel like I’m accomplishing more 😀

    Great news on the writing, that’s a lot of words!

  3. My house doesn’t look any better. Between revisions, spring projects, new computer and those two unschoolers and their not so tidy dad….well, I just try to keep doing something every day.

    I have whittled the Kilamanjaro of laundry waiting to be put away…apparently, I am the designated laundry-putter awayer here.

    I’m not ready to engage you lovely ladies yet…but I will be, one day. =)

  4. Oh, gawds–my house is SUCH a mess! By my writing? Highly productive–go fig. It seems I only have the mental focus to write or clean, not both. Manageable bits seems to be the key, for sure. Glad I’m not alone!

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