Wish I Might

This was originally a part of the Virtually Yours anthology (now out of print). It has been expanded into a short novel.

An heiress in hiding...
For graphic designer Cecily Dixon, building a successful life on her own terms, independent of her family's name and wealth, has been an all-important goal. That's why she followed her boss to tiny Wishful, Mississippi. While she's fallen in love with the town and the work being done to bring it back to life, her internship is over and it's time to take the next power-house step in her career...somewhere else.
A bookstore in trouble...
Reed Campbell is Wishful born and bred. He loves his small town life, and it suits him just fine. When he needs help breathing life into his struggling bookstore, the brilliant and sexy Cecily is the last person he expects to volunteer. Since one chemistry-fueled summer weekend, she's been giving him the cold shoulder, and he can't figure out how he blew it.
A romance with an expiration date...
Working together will start the thaw, but they both know the clock is ticking and Cecily will be moving on. Or will she? Wishful is just the right size for Reed, but can he convince Cecily that his small town can support her big dreams?
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Cecily opened the door before he could knock. “Reed? Did you forget something?”

“Yeah.” He stepped inside, spearing his hands into her hair and claiming her mouth before she could say another word.

Her body gave one quick jolt, her hands coming up to his shoulders. Reed braced to be pushed away, maybe slapped. Then she shuddered and opened to him on a sexy little moan, moving in and wrapping her arms around his neck. Reed kicked the door shut and backed her up against it, caging her with his body, while he devoured her mouth. This wasn’t the slow, languid exploration at the lake. It was pure, unadulterated wanting. He had just enough control to keep his hands in her hair, rather than sprinting over the body she pressed against his.


When he felt even that thread begin to fray, he gentled the kiss and forced himself to ease back, pressing his brow to hers as his breath heaved, fast and unsteady. “I don’t wanna be friends. I’d rather have this time with you now and be torn up when you go than have nothing at all.”

“Sweetie, if you don’t say yes to him after that display, I’m checking you into the nearest mental hospital.”

Reed cranked his head around to see Christoff smirking with approval from the hall. Well, too late for embarrassment. “That’d be Whitfield. Just so you know.”

“Noted,” he said cheerfully.

Cecily tipped Reed’s face back toward hers, rubbing a thumb along the scruff of his jaw. “Not necessary. I may be crazy, but it won’t be for saying no. Now, go away, Christoff,” she said, and tugged Reed’s mouth down to hers.