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  1. Priscilla Smith

    i just finished the first book of the Wishful set and thoroughly enjoyed it. I grew up in a small town in Georgia and you’ve really captured the spirit. You’ve made me remember just how special it all was.

  2. Just finished the book about the small town Wishful. Loved it. Enjoyed the journey and the outcome. Could envisage the place and people. Thanks.

  3. I read your book “To Get Me to You”. I grew up in Mount Airy, N.C., home of Andy Griffin. It was a small town back then. My family raised tobacco so we moved around every few years. So I know what it is like living in a small town. The closest large town was Winston Salem, about 40 miles away. Totally different from Mount Airy. I loved this book. I am glad that she decided to go with her heart in the end and stay in Wishful. I have never wanted to live in a really large city. Too many people for me.

  4. Timothy Hendricks

    I have read a number of your Wishful series of books and it’s my intention to read them all. I especially like the way you deal with the thoughts, feelings, concerns, and worries of both the women as well as the men. I especially liked “Know Me Well.” I myself am retired military, Air Force and could identify with some of Liam’s feeling upon returning to civilian life. I also like the family and friends spirit to your books especially in the Wishful series.

  5. Michelle Trobliger

    I have read every book in the Wishful series, Meet Cute Romance and Wishing For A Hero series. I was instantly drawn in after the first book. I think you are an amazing writer and just wish you could write faster ? I love small town stories and series books. Thank you for writing fabulous books. Can’t wait to read what’s next.

  6. Just browsing through the covers as I’m about to feature a couple of these books on my blog. Love the entire collection, and always looking forward to the next!

  7. Nicole

    I am in love with the Wishful books. The characters, plot, town, everything pulls you in. I think I fall in love each time I read one of the books. I love small town romance books and your books hit the mark for me. I am excited to start another book today!!!

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