Question for Pubbed Writers

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…or anybody else who happens to know. As a matter of plot, this question has come up for the scene I have to write today.  My bad guy is a writer (he writes true crime fiction as a way to get in and interview all the bad guys my heroine takes down–to avoid their mistakes…doesn’t […]


A Little (Counter?) Productive Procrastination

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Yes, I admit it.  I am procrastinating.  I’ve dug out my office (which was loaded with clutter), re-established my desk as a workspace, and reviewed my Action Points Outline and stared at the screen and I am simply…meh…on what to write.  The other night I updated my hand-held calendar (one of those checkbook size ones) […]


High School Horror

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I hate high school.  I loathed it when I was there, and I am despising this return trip I’m taking through my heroine.  She’s currently sitting outside the school, staring at the entrance on her first day much the same way I am staring at my computer screen–with trepidation.  But at only 205 words for […]