Come Away With Me Audio

Come Away With me

One kiss was not enough….

Pastry chef Moses Lindsey is a man who believes in second chances. He got his in the kitchen of Michelin-starred chef Athena Reynolds. Life only keeps getting better with a tour of the world, training with some of the best in the business. His last stop is Délicieux, run by the brilliant… and beautiful… Zuri Patil. But Moses doesn’t dare act on the sizzle he feels for his fascinating boss.

Zuri has built Délicieux from the ground up, turning it into one of the premier patisseries in Edinburgh. She couldn’t have done it without her diverse and talented staff, and loves each and every one like family. Except the gifted and steady Moses. The feelings he incites are nothing so quiet as mere affection. But too aware of the power dynamics, she doesn’t dare make a move. Not until his last night in Edinburgh, when he’s no longer her employee.

One kiss. That’s all either of them gets to keep when he goes. But the moment he gets on the plane, Zuri realizes letting him walk away is a huge mistake. Enlisting her old classmate Athena for help, she heads to Tennessee to surprise Moses with an offer she prays he won’t refuse.