So okay, here's the deal.
I am not a food blogger.  I am an author who happens to love to cook.

recipes thumbI fell into food blogging back in 2007 just so I had all my recipes in a centralized, online location (because I keep losing recipe cards in my kitchen and because they're just easier to share that way).  When I started, I had no limitations and just cooked what I wanted, what we liked.  Nothing fancy.  In 2011, we discovered my husband was gluten intolerant, so I made the shift to gluten free.  It became my mission in life to convert everything he couldn't eat into something he could.  Then in 2014, we found out I'm allergic to casein (this is the protein in dairy that is analogous to gluten).  So then I made that switch.  As a result, my food blog is a real hodge podge of recipes that fit all kinds of different lifestyles.  I've tried to tag and categorize things accordingly.  Added to that, in 2015, I merged all my blogs in one place, which means all my recipes have been mixed in with my writing blog.  This index is a means to combat that, so that folks who are just looking for food stuff can find it more easily.  Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy.

Feel free to check out my cookbook, HELP! Food Allergies Coming To Dinner: The Pinch Hitter's Guide to Cooking Without Gluten or Dairy!

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