Will there be more Wishful?

I get this question from readers all the time.

The short answer is no.  

Wishful is my first series, a true passion project that was driven purely by creative whim. As such, it’s not as well-planned as later series, with book lengths all over the map, frequently no clear seeding of protagonists from book to book, couple to couple. Much as my superfans love it, the sales simply don’t justify its continuation. And, beyond that, after 12 books in the main series and 4 in the spinoff Wishing for a Hero series, I started getting itchy feet and wanting to stretch my creative muscles in other directions.

So as a series, Wishful is finished. I have no plans to return for any full projects. That said, I’m me, so there’s every possibility that we’ll see characters from Wishful pop up in my other series with cameos. We might even have some future protagonists from Wishful in other books. And I’ll probably keep writing the occasional bonus scenes for my newsletter, checking in on some of our fan favorite couples. If you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, you can do that here.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll check out my other books.

Happy reading!