Squee Squad FAQs

  • What are ARCs? Advanced Review Copy. These are mostly final versions of any given release.  Because it’s not the FINAL FINAL version, there may be some typos, missing words, and the like.  If you feel like passing those on to me, I always appreciate it, but it’s totally not required.  Trust it’s going to be thoroughly proofread before the FINAL FINAL goes live.
  • How do I get an ARC? I will send an email out with a link to the private ARC listing on Booksprout. Click the link and follow the instructions.
  • How long do I have to read?  That varies depending on a lot of factors (how fast I get the book back from my editor, how extensive the necessary revisions are, how close I am to my deadline, etc.), but in general, I try to get it to you at LEAST one week before launch and preferably two.  The goal is for you to have the book read in order to post a review on release day (or during release week if you’re running behind).
  • What if I haven’t read the other books in the series yet?  This is TOTALLY fine.  All my books are standalone, so you’re not going to mess anything up by reading out of order.
  • The Statement: Part of Amazon’s terms of service requires that you add a line to the effect of “I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and have chosen to review it.”  You should also avoid any references in your review that imply you “know me”, as Amazon often removes those (which is moronic–just because we maybe once had a conversation on Twitter about the awesomeness of tacos does not mean you’re ready to make me godmother to your children, but that’s the system we’re working in).
  • I’m jumping in late here.  Do you ever give review copies of older books?  I’m not gonna say never, but generally no.  My focus is always on the next book.  Definite exceptions made for book bloggers.
  • Do I have to read every book? Nope.  If there’s one that comes out that just doesn’t ring your bell, you are not required to read it. Life’s too short to struggle through books that aren’t for a grade! (I’m looking at you For Whom The Bell Tolls)
  • Be warned–most of my work has profanity and open door sex. I have no idea where a large chunk of people have gotten the idea that I don’t have either of these in my books because I have both in almost all my work (except maybe the short stories because there’s not room).  If either of these things bother you, my work might not be the right fit for you.