Summer Camp Secret AUDIO

Summer Camp Secret
Summer Fling - AudioBook 2

Pretending to be the fiancée of some random guy in a bar isn't the kind of thing Aspen Fairchild would normally do. Ever. But when a medical scare sends her reeling onto a path of "live life to its fullest," and she sees an opportunity to do a good deed, she figures she can use all the good karma she can get.

Pro hockey player Brooks Hennessey was just taking time off, working through his grief, trying to do a good deed. But now his fake engagement has gone viral, and his publicist wants to know what he's going to do about it.

He knows what he'd like to do: spend his week at grown-up summer camp with the woman he can't stop thinking about.

She knows what she'd like to do: spend her week at Camp Firefly Falls with the guy who unexpectedly rocked her world.

But the girl of his dreams is hiding something, keeping him at arm's length. Because the guy who makes her heart beat is oh-so-vulnerable to the last thing she'd want to burden him with. Will she give them a chance, or will she run away before he can learn her summer camp secret?

Grab this steamy contemporary summer romance about a fake engagement, real attraction, and the secrets people keep when they’re trying to protect those they love.