Teaching What I Love: Novellas

A Favorite Format I love novellas.  Like, seriously, I love them.  I keep a plethora loaded on my phone to keep me entertained while waiting on my work computer to boot, standing in line, waiting at the doctor’s office. They’re meatier than short stories and not as time consuming as novels (which makes them great […]

Hurray For Magical Cookies!

Last week I was doing some tweaking to my outline.  This often happens when I get into the meat of a book.  My initial plotting is very logically laid out from point A to point Z, and sometimes it ends up including steps (scenes) I can condense or eliminate.  I was chatting with Claire about […]

Thinking About Origin Stories

I’ve been thinking about origin stories lately. Some of this is just part and parcel of developing new ideas and new characters.  As author, we have to figure out what the origins of our characters ARE, even if we don’t actually show them.  But sometimes I feel an urge to show them.  There’s a really […]

Thinking About The No One Is Safe Cast

Today’s lifetrack, Cinderella Man: Turtle. I actually have NO IDEA what this movie is about (something to do with boxing and obviously starring Russell Crowe since he’s on the cover), but I love the score by Thomas Newman.  It’s very Irish and energizing.  I could use some energizing as all I wanted to do was […]

Thoughts on Gaining Reader Empathy

A month or two ago, I picked up The Hero’s 2 Journeys by Michael Hague and Christopher Vogler.  It was on sale at Audible for $4.95.  And looking right now, it’s still only $5.95.  I say it’s WORTH EVERY PENNY.  This is essentially a 3 hour writer’s workshop where both these gentlemen take us through […]

Making It Your Own

Holy MOLY this new project is making me so SO hyper.  I’ve got research books out of the library on every horizontal surface, loading my ereader, and I swear, it’s like being a kid in a candy store, dipping my hand into one jar after another, tasting a little bit of everything. See, this new […]

How Plotting Is Like Pantsing…In Fast Forward

I love discussing process with people (and by people, I mean other writers).  It’s one of my favorite forms of shop talk.  Everybody has their own method, and it’s cool to share those methods and see what you can pick up from somebody else that will help out your own process.  Claire and I got […]

What Makes You STOP Reading An Otherwise Good Book?

I gave up on Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan this morning.  This isn’t the first good book I just haven’t felt compelled to finish, and it got me thinking about WHY that is.  What’s turning me off? It’s certainly not bad prose, poor grammar, unappealing voice (a lot of the things that turn me off of books).  It’s […]

A New Perspective on Lit Analysis

I’m thinking about analysis this morning–literature analysis, as it happens. This all started because Susan and I got into a discussion about reading non-fiction this morning, which spun into how I’ve finally been out of school long enough to actually want to read it, and from there to how English class ruined me for analyzing […]