The Summer Camp Swap

The Summer Camp Swap
Summer Fling - Book 3

Releasing July 26. 

It's a terrible idea.

Impersonating her twin for staff orientation at Camp Firefly Falls is sure to end badly, but Sarah Meadows can't say no. It's just a quick two-week break to help her sister out of a jam, then she'll be back to finishing her stalled master's thesis. Except when her sexy, ex-park ranger partner uncovers her secret, Sarah's summer takes an unexpected turn.

Beckett Hayes knows he should report Sarah to the boss. But intrigued by her determination and pulled in by those big, doe eyes, he decides to train her instead. He can’t help but root for the underdog, especially when the underdog starts to wiggle her way into his heart.

Sarah's leaving in a matter of days, so a workplace romance is the last thing they need, but that doesn't stop either of them from diving in. Except a situationship isn't part of Sarah's long-term plans. As the clock counts down to the swap, the lines between duty and desire blur. Can Beckett convince Sarah to follow her heart, or will they have to be satisfied with only a summer fling?

Find out in this charming conclusion to the Summer Fling trilogy!