Mid-Week Check-In

So, the name of the game the last few weeks has been trying to get back into routine.  I’ve gradually been adding stuff back in.  Exercise.  Normal cooking.  Food blogging (I’ve been cooking, I just haven’t processed the pix for the posts yet).  And TRYING to write.

The latter hasn’t gone spectacularly well.  I’ve been more prone to go keep working on the house, putting more stuff away, etc.  Because my brain responds well to the positive reinforcement of very obvious progress.  It’s VISIBLE.

Nevertheless, I wrote on Saturday, a little over 500 words.  Nothing Sunday.  Nothing Monday (the heinous get up at 4:30 day).  But I did knock out a little over 1k yesterday, so I’m sitting at 1576 on the short story.  I would REALLY like to finish the draft of this by the weekend, which means 1800 words a day for the next 3 days (or a little over 1k a day if I write through the weekend).  I’ve got a bit of downtime at work, so I’ll apply myself, and we’ll see what happens.  I really want to get this thing off my plate so that I can properly get my brain back in DOTH.  I’m a month behind where I wanted to be on that.

In other news, I started running again yesterday.  I’d been looking at the Fitness boards on Pinterest again (which always motivates me), so I decided to strike while the iron was hot so to speak and began Couch 2 5K from the beginning again.  Then I got up this morning and did Day 2 (as MWF are my running days and I wanted to get back into the routine).  Went well.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die, so I guess I’m back on the wagon.  It felt good to really move.

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  1. I haven’t moved recently, but I can relate all too well to the positive reinforcement of visible progress and how writing almost never is that. But you’re back on the bandwagon… actually back of several bandwagons! Are they all heading to Lollapalooza? :-)

    Have a great week, Kait. Keep those words flowing. You’ll be pulling in that 1800 words here and there soon enough.

  2. Exercise is always the item on my to-do list that I have a hard time fitting in. Of course, when I do, I have so much more energy to devote to everything else. Best wishes with your week, Kait!

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