Three Awesome Things

Never thought about Ursula from The Little Mermaid like this, but I’ll never see her the same again. (Warning: Some explicit language)


Two people playing one cello.  Mind = blown.  I love these guys.


This is a fantastic TED talk by Justine Musk about The art of the deep yes.   I love love love love this woman.  Worth the 15 minutes.

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

OMG, how is it Wednesday already?

I have…yeah, nothing to report.  Monday was a fail on writing.  We were having major thunderstorms ALL night before and all day and my dogs were freaking out, so there was just no writing (I got 16 words).  And then that night was the Great Pizza Experiment with the faux mozzarella from The Uncheese Cookbook, which was horrific and one of the most demoralizing food experiences of my life.  THAT catapulted me into a pretty serious Angry/Depressed funk about this dairy allergy and I didn’t get anything done Tuesday because I was busy being angry with the Universe and researching non-cow’s milk cheeses to test.   Then I was just tired, so I deliberately took the night off and watched my DVRed episode of Hart of Dixie and read some more of Into The Still Blue (which is taking me forever to finish, not because it isn’t GREAT but because I’ve just been SUPER BUSY).

Brain is now scrambling to find a way to use this because…that’s just cool:

Instant Smile Maker

Since my last post was such a whine-fest, I felt the need to post this INSTANT SMILE MAKER.

I found out today that a group of bunnies is known as a FLUFFLE.

It is physically impossible to say the word FLUFFLE and not smile.  Go ahead.  Say it.


By Mmm Daffodils (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I could probably make a meditation mantra out of this.


See there?  You’re smiling, aren’t you?