Three Awesome Things

A distinctly awesome solution to a very un-awesome problem.  Somebody has created a tiny device that will allow you to check your drink for roofies.  It’s awful that there’s a NEED for such a device, but fabulous that someone has created it.


In case you missed it…the X-wing from Episode 7.


Love this!  Possibly NSFW but fantastic message.

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

Well, I just had my very first irate email from a reader about a choice I made in one of my books where, apparently, I “got it all wrong.”   This is always kind of a personal fear of mine as a writer–I often get virtually crippled by this desire to get everything “right” (though, normally, this is related to procedural stuff rather than location).   But I guess there’s a component of it with location, too.  If I choose to set a book somewhere, I try to choose somewhere I’ve either been before or that’s easily researchable.  In this particular case, this was a more or less throwaway location that fit the parameters I asked about when I polled on Twitter.   And this reader interpreted the shero’s behavior in that location as completely unbelievable and more reflective of the location than the shero herself.  Newsflash y’all: If a character behaves weird in the first couple of chapters, chances are we’ll explain why later on in the book.  Anyway, polite response sent off and I’m moving on with my day.

The writing is going pretty well.  I’ve just spent the last week making some more changes to the first half of Act 2 to fix some pacing issues.  Act 2 seems to always been my kryptonite.  It’s the area I inevitably have to rework in later drafts.  With this book, I seem to be (hopefully) getting all that reworking done in the first draft.  I should be hitting my midpoint sometime next week, and after that, I really hope to be building some of that flying toward the end momentum.  Gonna need to pick up the pace if I’m to finish by the end of this round!

Something Southern: On The Correct Use of Y’all

First off, in case you missed it yesterday, I am doing a GIVEAWAY of a free copy of Tawne Fenske’s Fiancee For Hire!  So much awesome hilarity.  Just go comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to win!

Now, since I’m working my way toward the release of the first full novel in my Southern contemporary romance Wishful series (which you’ve technically already had a chance to peek at through Be Careful, It’s My Heart and Once Upon A Coffee), I thought I’d start a new blog feature where I talk about Southern stuff.  I am, myself, very very Deep South.  It’s something I take for granted and don’t think about until I’m chatting with folks from other parts of the country or world and say something to which they’re like “Huh???”  Since this series is going to very much…well, wallow in that, I want to start educating about it.  This is likely to bounce all over the place from colloquialisms to food to other cultural stuff, and I feel it’s important to kick things off with a lesson on the correct use of “y’all.”

1.  Spelling.  The word is a contraction of “you” and “all”, ergo the correct spelling is “y’all”, never “ya’ll”.

I see this improperly spelled all over the place, and it drives me bananas.

2. Usage.

That’s it.  Short.  Sweet.  Straightforward.  And completely gender neutral.

Don’t forget to stop by yesterday’s post to comment for a chance to win a free copy of Tawne Fenske’s Fiancee For Hire!