Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Football season has officially begun!  The Bulldogs and Rebels both won their season openers.  We had a double header (can you call it a double header when it’s football not baseball?) with the Arkansas v. Auburn game and the MSU v. Southern Miss games yesterday with another couple who are friends of ours.  We had SUCH GOOD FOOD.  I made my first ever batch of gluten free-dairy free sausage balls, which disappeared in record time (I’ll write up a post for Pots and Plots later today).  And through groupthink, we all decided we should wrap the bratwursts in bacon, which was GENIUS.  OMG SO GOOD.  And we ended the night with individual blueberry crumbles.  Happy bellies were had by all.
  2. Hubs and I get a gloriously lazy day today, other than a few loads of laundry, since we did the OMG People Are Coming Over! clean yesterday.  I can’t remember the last time we got to do that.  I need to make up a batch of gluten free hamburger buns today, and do my menu planning for the week.  I planned my menu last week and then I’m not sure I ever actually followed it.  I’ve got a bit of a hankering for crock pot gyros.
  3. Our temporary resident goes to get spayed on Tuesday, then will be off to her forever home on the 4th.  She’s a sweet little thing,and had been really well behaved mostly, but we’re all ready to get back to our usual routine.  My dogs would like to be able to do their daily constitutional without somebody trying to play kissy face.
  4. On Wednesday, I finished my first half read through of TGMTY and made my list of revisions.  I’ve been BLOWING THROUGH THEM like gangbusters.  After a month of craptastic productivity, the last 3 days, I’ve spewed out nearly 5k.  This makes me very very happy.  I’ve got two scenes left I need to expand and one full scene left to write that I’ve been putting off.  If I can sort out the details of those scenes, I have a good chance of finishing up this round of revisions by end of day tomorrow, since I’m off for Labor Day.  That would be fabulous.  So that’s what I’m shooting for.

Three Awesome Things

Because there’s little more adorable than a bulldog puppy.  How precious is he?  So fierce.


Now these are MY kind of Legos!  CHOCOLATE!  


And from the makers of Zombies Run! and The Walk comes Superhero Workout!  I’m all about the interactive RPG fitness apps.

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

So, yesterday I had a lot of frustration because the second half of my midpoint wasn’t gelling for me.  I decided to just move on and fill it in later.  Now I’ve been in some version or other of Act 2 for the last 3 months.  So I get ready to look at Act 3 and have a minor flail wondering WHAT IF I MISSED SOMETHING.  Since there have been 3 versions of Act 2, I decided to do a read through from the beginning to really set in my head what’s THERE rather than the mishmosh of all 3 that’s floating around.  So I started that yesterday.  Made it through after a trip to see my mom today (she’s doing better).  And stuff just gelled.  I cut a couple scenes of bloat (the CURSE of Act 2), made notes of where the vital information from those can be planted, have a to do list of other changes to make (mostly tweaks at beginnings or ends of scenes and moving the order of some stuff).  There were a few threads I dropped that I have to sort out and loop back in. Hoping to get those knocked out by middle of next week.   Really glad I went through and did this.  I feel much better now.  It’s so awesome to see how to fix stuff and be excited to DO IT.