Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I was supposed to be working on Once Upon A Carousel.  I had grand intentions.  I really did.  But Cam and Norah started talking again and that was the end of that.   So I’m about 2800 words into that this week, which I am not at all unhappy with over the course of 2 days.  I’ve been doing a little fleshing out of Act 2, adding in some things that I either didn’t know or didn’t realize I needed when I did the original outline.   Everything’s just falling into place so nice and neatly.

Part of me feels like I’ve been headed toward this book, this town, this series my entire life.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.  I get excited to hang out with these people every day, and I hope that, ultimately, readers will, too.

I’m doing a lot of data entry at the Evil Day Job at the moment.  The perils of paper surveys.  I’m also prepping a guest lecture for a colleague’s class next week, so I need to finish pulling THAT together.   Did I mention I hate lecturing in person?

Finished Day 3 of Week 8 of C25k this morning.  Just have the last run on Friday, then I’m done with the program again and will just be working on gradually speeding up my time.  I’m still hanging out at a plog right now (remember this is a cross between a plod and a jog) at 4.7 mph.   But dear God, it’s so nice to run on a treadmill inside.  There’s AC and a fan and a holder for my water bottle.  And I can run in a sports bra and shorts and nobody is there to LOOK AT ME except the dogs and hubby–who’s too busy getting ready for work himself to pay attention.

Anyway, must get back to it!

A (Probable) Return of Pots and Plots

So in March of last year I took an indefinite hiatus from my food blog Pots and Plots.  Out of everything on my plate, it was the one non-essential.  I didn’t really have any notion of stopping entirely, but as time went on, it was nice to just be able to cook something, get it on the table, and not have to worry about anything but the dishes.   No calculating nutrition information or writing up recipes (because I haven’t been in a creative frame of mind on that front in a while) or taking a photo and editing it (which, in itself, was kind of tragic, as somebody in my family bought me Plate to Pixel for Christmas year before last).   2013 was a recovery year on a lot of fronts.

Enter the new casein allergy.

Which means I’m now in the process of Converting All The Things to be dairy free.  And, you know, if I’m doing it ANYWAY, I’m already writing it down so don’t forget (which is, actually, how I got started food blogging in the first place).   So…yeah, it looks like I’m reviving Pots and Plots.

And we’re starting with Dairy Free Lemon (Not Really) Yogurt Cake with Freezer Fruit Compote, which was a pretty damned good start (and much better than the lemon snot pie I tried from somebody else’s blog).

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

HOPPY EASTER everybody!

  1. Well, I hit bottom about the dairy allergy this week.  After the great pizza disappointment last Monday, I just crashed.  It kind of threw me off the rest of the week.  But I finally found some Daiya at the Kroger about an hour away, so I went up to see my mom on Friday and picked up the cheddar shreds, mozzarella shreds, cheddar wedges and the jalapeno garlic havarti wedges.  Friday night I made tacos to test out the cheddar shreds.  Dear God, they actually tasted like cheese!  They melted!  MY TACOS TASTED LIKE TACOS.  So life does not suck as much as it did.
  2. I got almost nothing written on TGMTY, so I decided to switch gears and plotted out a new Meet Cute.  I dove into Once Upon A Carousel yesterday.  I’d hoped to get further with it than I did, but I spent Friday with my mom, and then a large chunk of yesterday and today was spent Cooking All The Things.  I made a pan of brownies, a batch of gluten free hamburger buns, lemon yogurt (not really) cake, roasted two butternut squashes for puree, fruit compote to go with the cake, a batch of real bread, and a double recipe of my grilled potato salad.
  3. I also cleaned out the fridge and did a deep clean of the rest of the kitchen–a move everything off the counters kind of clean.  I have this huge love hate relationship with my counters.  They hide grime!  And they hide grime.  Hubby got in on the cleaning today too, so the house feels a lot more dug out than it has been.  We even got the laundry put away.   So it was a catch up kind of week on other fronts.
  4. I’m going to do week 8 of C25k again.  I only got through 1 day of it successfully last week.  The second day just wasn’t happening with epic sinus headache.  And since I was off on Friday, my routine got messed up.
  5. Hopefully, moving forward I’ll be a bit more on an even keel.