Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I haven’t written properly in days.  I was gone all weekend to my mom’s, then I was catching up on stuff I didn’t get done because I was gone.  And now, now I’m sick.  Damn it.  I’ve got a sinus infection or cold or something.  Can’t breathe worth a damn.  I’ve been taking my vitamin C and zinc and echinecea, and using my various and sundry essential oils.  Hopefully I’ll start feeling better tomorrow.

I’m home now, at least.  I got blessed three times and had a variety of cold remedies recommended to me by the time I made it out of Walmart with my soup and crackers.  I’m sure I reek of Vick’s Vaporub but I can’t smell a thing.  A friend is hooking me up with some legitimate 12 hour Sudafed later today, thank you lord.

So I’m marathon watching Monarch of the Glen and drinking endless cups of tea.  There are worse ways of spending a sick day.

Something Southern: Who are you shipping on Hart of Dixie?

I haven’t watched the first episode of Season 4 yet (that’s my plan for lunch today), but I’ve been eagerly awaiting it.  Hart of Dixie is one of those shows that kind of snuck in and got under my skin last year.  Right after New Year’s, I was struck with a hideous stomach flu and was home for several days generally feeling like death warmed over.  After I’d had my fill of period drama (aka Downton Abbey, which I still have not forgiven for the end of Season 3 and have not watched again), I stumbled onto Hart of Dixie.

I loved this show.  It does, in my opinion, capture the charicatures and absurdities of life in the South in a way that’s far more accurate than MOST representations.  I feel convinced that at least some of the writers are legitimately southern.  We are a culture that embraces our crazies and have all kinds of strange traditions.  As I was, at that time, finalizing the plot for To Get Me To You, it was exactly what I needed to watch to get my head in the right space for writing about the south in a way that people from outside would understand.  And I blew through everything available.

If you haven’t watched the show at all and don’t want spoilers, you should totally leave now.

Still here?  Okay then.

When I got through Season 1 I was absolutely shipping Zoe and George.  They were PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.  When Zoe ended up with Wade, I was FURIOUS (even though the writer in me appreciated the conflict and pacing).  I couldn’t see how Wade and Zoe could EVER really fit.  And of course, I despised Lemon because you’re SUPPOSED to despise her.  All the back and forth drove me nuts–when Zoe was available, George wasn’t.  Then when George was available, Zoe wasn’t.  And then she left.  And then she came back.  And then there was Joel who was all..wha???  And then he was gone and Zoe realized she was in love with Wade for real.

Somebody at some point compared Zoe to a hurricane, and this isn’t an inaccurate description.  If she hadn’t shown up, George would’ve married Lemon, who would’ve remained stuck in her bitchy debutante who can’t do anything for herself role.  Wade would never have made anything of himself.  AB would never have stepped outside the zone of the Belles to date Lavon (and can I tell you how much I ship those two?  Lavon had BETTER come to his senses this season!).  Zoe upset the status quo, and that was a really fabulous thing all around because it caused GROWTH.  And, of course, she grew too.

Left on her own, Lemon stepped out of her comfort zone and became a restauranteur.  Not that she had experience at this–but she made it work (well, there was that awful fire at Fancy’s, but that’s another story).  She gained confidence and became more tolerable and human.  She’s becoming somebody that I can finally see George with (since I feel sure that’s where the writers are going with season 4).  Wade wanted to become the kind of man Zoe could be proud of and he made something of himself (with the unlikely partner of Lemon–that was a fascinating thing to watch), and now she has to woo him back, which she swore to do at the end of season 3).   And coming back to Lemon, now she’s gone off on this singles cruise, with both George and Lavon running after her (Lavon, honey, you need to get over this and realize that Anna Beth is perfect for you).  So season 4 is going to be off with a bang, I feel sure.  And there’s also the rumor I heard that Rachel Bilson (Zoe)’s real life pregnancy is going to be written into to the show–so WHO’S THE FATHER GOING TO BE?  Lots of drama.

SO, Who are you shipping for this season of Hart of Dixie?