Review of Adagio’s Children of Lir Tea

Children of Lir.  This one comes in a delightful little tin illustrating the cursing of Lir’s children to be turned into swans.  I found it really hard to get the tea OUT of the tin without making a mess (it is packed full to the brim).  I love the smell of this tea.  The hazelnut and chestnut notes are really strong when you open the tin.  They’re far subtler notes when actually steeped (which I did for 5 minutes because it’s a black tea and that’s what I do with black teas).  With a couple of spoonfuls of turbinado sugar and some half and half, this is a truly lovely afternoon cuppa.

From Adagio:

The Children of Lir is an Irish legend that starts with Bodb Derg being eleceted as king. Wanting to appease his rival, Lir, Bodb gave one of his daughters, Aoibh, to Lir to marry. They were very happy together and she bore Lir four children – one daughter and three sons. Sadly, Aoibh died. Wanting to keep Lir happy, Bodb sent another of his daughters, Aoife, to Lir to marry. Aoife was jealous of Lir’s affection for his children and plotted to get rid of them. One day while Aoife was traveling with the children, she decided to solve her problems by using her magical powers to turn the children into swans. The children were cursed to spend 900 years as swans before finally being turned back into humans and perishing of old age soon after. Suggested brewing instructions: 212 degrees for 3 mins.


Blended With Black Tea, Assam Melody Tea, Ceylon Sonata Tea, Natural Hazelnut Flavor, Natural Chestnut Flavor
Accented With Cornflowers, Marigold Flowers And Ginger

Teas: Irish BreakfastChestnutHazelnut

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  1. With the little tins, I scoop over a clean plate and slide the spillage back in. Like with glitter. This one sounds really good.

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