Blurb File Friday

Today’s contribution from the blurb file:

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She blew into the shop on a northern gale that was strong enough to rattle the windows when the front door, which had gotten away from her, banged against the walls. Joss leapt immediately upon the swirl of papers, trying in vain to salvage the painstaking organization from the gusting wind and rain that prowled the room like a raging beast. With no small difficulty, she wrestled the door closed, shutting the creature out into the dark afternoon.

She slumped against the door, a small figure swallowed by a dripping trenchcoat and a broad brimmed bushman’s had that shaded her eyes.

“What perfectly ghastly weather,” she said, shaking water off as if a dog.

“Do come in,” said Joss, good manners winning out over bald curiosity.

“I shall just stand here and drip for a while, if you don’t mind. I shouldn’t want to ruin your rug, you see.”

“There’s a coat rack to your left if you’d care to hang up your things and dry off.”

“So there is,” she said, looking in that direction.

She shucked off her coat, revealing a diminutive but curvy figure. Then she removed her hat and a cascade of dark curls tumbled down over her shoulders. For a moment he was put in mind of Rapunzel. Then she turned and all thought went out of his head at the sight of her rather extraordinary violet eyes.

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