Seige of Brain Dolls

So a while back, Pot wrote a post: No Admittance Without Plot.  See, she’d been having this problem with her created world of all these brain dolls showing up.  In her words, “Brain dolls are creatures that live in my head.  They’re made up of bits of backstory and internal conflict with a dash of physical characteristics, and they often show up in pairs.  They tend to come with very few accessories like, say, plot points, and most of them are lazy and don’t build on their own.  They just wait around for me to do it.” It was an amusing discussion and one we return to often.  The reason I mention it is that I seem to be having some of those issues myself today.

Since I have been toying with the idea of Kensie and Mal coming down with a team of people (all with varying specialties), the whole team has been popping up in my head!  Thankfully some of them are coming with ways to fit them into the plot and how they connect to Kensie, so they’re like half brain doll, half character.  And of course being me, I have sort of half-assed ideas of their own spinoff books.  I can already think of several scenes that will be improved by having more characters.   But I need to be careful not to let them run amok so that I get too many!  I am also going to utilize more than just the hero and heroine’s perspectives because, let’s face it, sometimes they aren’t the best people to show stuff about themselves.  Must decide who though.

I admit, I’m having fun pondering possibilities.  I haven’t been excited about this story in a few weeks, so that’s a good thing.  It’s going to mean a lot of changes.  The dynamics between folks and how the investigation is handled.  C’est la vie.  I want this to be the best book it can be and if that means starting over again, that’s what I’ll do.  At least I’m learning as I go.

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