Missing My Doctor’s Excuse…

Pardon my absence, I have been laid out by the cold from hell.  Well it’s not the sickest I’ve ever been, but it’s hard to have a coherent thought when your head feels like it’s stuffed beyond capacity with wads of cotton.  My sum total accomplishment the last three days of being home sick has been to finish writing a 75 question unit test for my abnormal psychology class (do you have any idea that the hardest part about writing a test is coming up with all the wrong answers?) and reading Shiloh Walker’s Fragile (review to come).  The rest of the time I’ve been a couch jockey, drinking loads of tea, cold medicine, chicken soup, and watching The Food Network, all while being in my jammies.   I haven’t bothered going to the doctor since there’s not much they can do for a cold.  I hope to be back to normal by Monday.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and be a poster child for Zicam.  I feel another nap coming on.

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