Thoughtless Thursday: The Not Good Kind

I was making chili.  After the lapsang souchong chili last week, hubby requested the regular kind.  So I had that going in one crock pot.  And I was experimenting with a pork vegetable soup in the other crock pot.

When I got home I find that I had turned the smaller crock pot with the chili to KEEP WARM rather than low, so of course it wasn’t actually cooked.  Fine.  Okay.  I put it into a pot on the stove to cook.

So then I check on the soup.  Which I stupidly left ON HIGH all afternoon, cooking out all the liquid and essentially melting the vegetables into an unappetizing glop.  Okay, fine.  At least we’d still have the chili for dinner.


No.  Because I managed to scald the chili in the pot, thereby ruining the half that was BURNED TO THE BOTTOM (obviously you cannot stir the burned stuff into the rest).

I have no brain today.

Feeding hubby the remaining bowl of  chili and making pasta for myself.

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