Novel Push Initiative: Week 3 Report (Late)

I’m late posting this, but I was chasing after word counts and got busy I’m going to give abbreviated reports of totals as I burned the crap out of my hand yesterday and it isn’t too easy to type just now.  For the period of October 21st through 27th, our high day goes to Keri Ford with 2600 words!  Our high week total goes to Shawn Hansen with 6775 words!  Good job y’all!  This was one of those weeks where folks were dropping like flies.  We had illnesses, a death, and general whoop ass by life.

I came in with one knockout and six sessions for a total of 2536.

Merrilee stepped out, in need of some massive plotting.

Jeanette had one knockout and six updates, total of 1700.

Francesca is sick, but still came in with three updates worth 1298.

Rachel had a death of a near friend, but still came in with one update worth 424.

Despite the flu, LeaAnn came in with four updates worth 1894.

Stace reported one update for 400 words.

Magda reported 4 updates worth 1691.

Deniz reported three knockouts and four updates worth 1354.

Alecia came in with six updates and one session for 2906.

Daniele came in with one knockout, five sessions, and one tougher than Nano for a total of 3869.

Newtowritinggirl reported six updates and one session for 3710.

Shawn reported five updates one session, and one tougher than NaNo for a total of 6775.

Naomi reported one update for 250 words.

Rene reported three knockouts, two updates, one session, and one tougher than Nano for 4397.

Emma reported seven updates for 1804.

Keri reported one update, three knockouts, two sessions, and one tougher than Nano for 5010.

Oh and Selestial also dropped out to do some major plotting.

Cumulative for the week we had 40,018 words.

5 thoughts on “Novel Push Initiative: Week 3 Report (Late)

  1. many thanks, Kait! This has been such a valuable exercise, even though I haven’t done as well as I’d hoped. What a fabulous way to warm up for the word count excesses of November 😉

  2. I’ve been plotting a lot the last couple of days, but as for actual writing… Sat down three times to start something and got nowhere… We’ll see – I’m parking butt in chair right now for my fourth attempt of the weekend…

  3. I have to pull as well – my one WIP is now three! Arghhhh! Don’t care enough if you don’t know enough background, and the background I know is so complicated . . . also now on to extensive plotting – must have more for the backstory. I’ve never sat down and outlined like this before, so its a new process for me. Back to those Plotter vs Panster posts!

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