Marshalling The Troop

No, that’s not a typo.  I’m my only troop.  But like any good general, I’m sitting down today to make A Plan of everything that needs to be accomplished between now and the start of class on January 6th.  This involves making a super long, uber detailed, broken down into step by step MegaList of EVERYTHING.  It will be broken down into categories–Christmas, cleaning, class, writing (I know, I had to break the streak of C’s)–then prioritized.  The logic behind what will undoubtedly be an alarmingly LONG list is that I get a charge out of being able to cross things off lists.  It’s why I’d rather have a physical day planner than a PDA.  And if I break things down into discrete steps, then I get to cross off more stuff and feel like I’m maintaining momentum.

I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon getting things done and actually knocked out quite a bit: finished redoing the wreath, vacuumed all the fur balls, put away laundry, did dishes, wrote a little, got the individual plaques cut and sanded for the baby gifts I’m giving, picked up the house, got the last of the trip stuff put away, cleaned out the fridge, listed hubby’s desk for sale (that I’ve been asking HIM to do for six months now…), and returned the books on CD to the library.  Now that family is leaving town (I came home from visiting my family to visit with family from hubby’s side that was here), I should be able to get back to normal and be productive.  I am determined to catch up this week so that next week doesn’t suck from stress.  It helps that the semester is over for both schools where I teach.  I just have to enter final grades today.

I can do this.  I’m totally imagining an internal, razzed up football team just before a game…

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