Randomness and a PSA

Today is my first day back at the Evil Day Job after two days out with a stomach bug and a steady diet of ginger ale, saltine crackers, and ramen noodle soup.  I did not want to get up this morning, largely because a) I was sleeping really well and b) I had a hard time going to sleep last night because my brain was running 90 to nothing.

The plant I bought on clearance at Lowe’s on Monday was also a victim of my stomach flu.  Largely because I stuck it in my car to bring to work and it’s been there for 2 days in the cold.  I’m not sure if it will recover.  Poor plant.

Yesterday I finished the first draft pass of clean up and fill in revisions on the novella, which I really should start calling by its name since no other title has hit me.  Beyond Shadow and Flame.  I did the spelling and grammar pass and filled in all the bracketed stuff.  And in the end–I really love this story.  I’m sure there are some problems with it and things that my intrepid CP Pot will find to attack with her little pink hammer, but unlike the first draft of HiS last year, I feel good about finishing this.  I think I have a good, solid, well put together story.

Hubby is having massive computer problems, which leads me to a Public Service Announcement: Back up your shit! I don’t care if it’s not easy.  You’ll thank yourself later.  I believe I will be doing that later today…

I’ve seen a lot about two particular topics in the writers’ blogverse this last couple of weeks.  The first is ebook piracy.  The second is voice and point of view.  Now piracy I get.  Reactions have ranged from “it’s a reality, let’s deal with it” to “the sky is falling”.  I said my piece about it last week.  But why are we suddenly talking about point of view?  I’ve seen at least six blog posts in the last week–and most of them were doing a rehash actually DEFINING the different points of view.  Did I miss something?  Has there suddenly been a rash of people who don’t know the difference between first, second, third, and omniscient?  I mean, I guess, I can see discussing the merits, strengths, and weaknesses of each (I prefer limited revolving third–switching between hero and heroine and occasionally villain, for anyone who cares).  But it just strikes me as kind of an odd thing to be discussing.

I just started City of Bones over the weekend, which is made of awesome.  I believe I’ll finish reading that before I jump into the next project.  Partially it’s because it’s a refilling the well sort of read and partially because I’m hoping to get back Pot’s critique so I can tackle any revisions on BSF and get it out to betas before I bury myself in Draft 2 of HiS.

Time to catch up here at the office!

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