Too Angry To Post

I should have something writing related to talk about.  I should have started my opening scene of Revelation last night.  There are a lot of shoulds that are just not happening right now.

There is a lot of crap going on at the EDJ that I really can’t talk about here.  Suffice it to say that I was awake half the night thinking up all the ways I would like to tell my boss to shove it.  Which I can’t do.

I am very, very angry right now.

I’ll come back when I can speak without spewing.

In the meantime, feel free to stop by How To Murder Your Boss and share your bad boss stories or favorite murder scenario.  It’ll be therapeutic for us all.

3 thoughts on “Too Angry To Post

  1. Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry. Have you thought about writing a nasty letter and then burning it?

    Or bake break. The kneading really helps work out that anger and then you have yummy bread as consolation. : )

    I know, food is not supposed to be a treat, but come on, it is.


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