So Not Superwoman

I feel like a great big epic fail this week.

I set a low bar word goal of 1500 words, which works out to a measly 250 words a day for 6 out of 7 days.  I’ve managed to write 3 days this week, just barely over 250 words a day.  I took one night to read Larry Brooks’ latest ebook on Character, which basically just brought home what I already was figuring out–that I need to spend more time working out some details with my hero and heroine before I get going on Revelation.  And then last night we had supper with some friends for hubby’s first outing (other than the doctor) since he broke his leg.

I’ve just been so EXHAUSTED.  This whole week has been playing catch up on my classes and at the EDJ.  I need to write a 60 question exam this weekend.  And grade a pile of really crappy research papers.  I need to DO that thinking about my characters.  I wanted to get the PDF formatting done for FBS so that I can apply for copyright.

But my brain just sort of stares at the assorted tasks and says “um, no.”

All I can think about is sleep, chocolate, sleep, reading for fun, oh and sleep.

So I’m left with a couple of options here.  I can keep trying to push through the exhaustion to write something, ANYTHING, on Revelation–which will be consequently SO BAD that I will have to rewrite it anyway.  Or I can accept the fact that I’m simply in the middle of a temporary life situation that does not lend itself to that kind of productivity, focus on getting Forsaken By Shadow formatting for the assorted vendors, finding my routine again, getting NOT EXHAUSTED, reading whatever I have time for, FINISH catching up.  And working on a short story based on the parameters given to me by the lovely Victoria Schwab.   It must take place in  a time frame less than 12 hours, involve a small sculpture, have a cup with some sort of beverage, and use  one word not in English.  I’ve already got some ideas for it and am working on the story structure.

I think I’ll go with Plan B.

3 thoughts on “So Not Superwoman

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you were really busy, and I know when it’s chaotic I have a hard time writing too. For me, the last 3 weeks have been an epic fail:) I’ve read a lot of blogs where people have been off their game too. I’ve decided it’s the need for Spring, which is taking forever to get here. Yep, that’s what I’m blaming it on:)

    1. In my case it’s the massive disruption of my husband breaking his leg in two places and not being able to help with much of anything. But yeah…

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