Forsaken By Shadow Submitted!

Well I did it! Yesterday I clicked the assorted “Publish” buttons at Scribd, Smashwords, and Amazon (with varying degrees of excitement, nausea, and anticlimactic eh–Amazon just gave me a message that it would take at least 48 hours).  There was much squeeing.   My baby is out there for real live people who don’t know and love me to READ.  EEP!   It is, of course, available immediately at Scribd and Smashwords.  I’m still waiting on my approval for the Smashwords Premium Catalogue, which will get me into Barnes and Noble, Sony, and others.  And of course then I’ll be waiting to actually show UP in the Kindle store.

So now comes the obsessive checking.  Is it there yet?  Is it there yet?  Is it there yet?

I assure you that once it IS there, I will definitely be letting you all know!  Then we can all update the linky goodness.

The whole process was actually a lot easier than I expected.  I think the fact that yWriter (which is the program I wrote Forsaken By Shadow in) produces a final document in RTF eliminated a lot of the bad formatting errors I would have made had I written the entire thing in Word.  Of course I still converted it to a Word document to revise and deal with formatting issues, but there were many that simply didn’t apply.  Things generally came out very cleanly.

And formatting for Kindle ended up being no big deal.  While I couldn’t figure out how to save to a plain HTML doc in Word 2007, I used Open Office to do it, and the results came out beautifully, with no errors that I could see in the preview.  So instead of uploading the document and then having to clean up the HTML, I was able to just click Publish.  Good to know.

Following the squee and writing about it in my writing journal, I decided it was time to do some actual work on character development for Revelation. I changed up the character template in Write Way Pro to include all my favorite tarot spreads for characters, then jotted down the results for my hero and heroine.  There were a few that didn’t make sense, but for the most part, the results were dead on with the plot I’ve come up with and gave me some additional info to help flesh things out.  I’m always tripped out by how accurrate these things often are.  Just for the heck of it, I’m going to do a spread for the short story I’m thinking about–it’s less firmly plotted, so maybe it will direct my thinking rather than conforming to it.

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