For Sherrilyn Kenyon Fans: A Contest!

So I was recently notified about the My Kenyon.  Read it.  Love it.  Contest.  I confess I’ve only read one of Kenyon’s books, though I really enjoyed it (was one of those random UBS purchases that turned out to be entirely out of order and I haven’t made it to the beginning yet–it’s somewhere in the Leaning Tower of To Be Read Pile).  But in context of book trailers and fan videos, this caught my interest.

Here’s the scoop:

For this contest, fans can shoot a video of themselves talking about why they love the Dark-Hunter series and reading their favorite passage.  The contest peeps will then choose their ten favorite videos which will be incorporated into a montage that the publisher will distribute.  The grand prize winner will get a $500 gift card!

How’s that for possible payback for your fan love?

Here’s the official link:

The contest started a few days ago and ends July 1!

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