I had a really good day yesterday.  After a lot of whining and whinging and bleh, it feels good to say that.  I finished a whole lecture, added questions to 2 chapters of test banks.  Read a fair chunk of Linger.  It was just generally a really positive kind of day.  How refreshing!

So last night I learned something new about marketing and Twitter. is the biggest link shortener out there.  And I just found out that you can sign up for your own account, plug in the API to SocialOomph, Tweetdeck or whatever, and that enables you to track stuff! Like if you happen to post a link to your blog post for the day, you can use to track your click throughs and retweets.  You can see what time of day you’re getting clicks, if subtle changes in what you tweet will change those numbers.  You can even see where folks are clicking FROM (like US vs. Britain vs. other countries, etc.).  This is all really informative stuff in terms of being able to tweak your marketing plan.

I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll do with it yet, but it’s more numbers, more information.  Once I have time and a brain again, I’ll analyze what I’ve been doing and see what I can do to improve my response rates since Twitter is one of my biggest platforms other than here.  And that’s very important when you’re indie published.  I just thought it was interesting.

Recipe of the day: Mini Stuffed Sweet Peppers

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  1. Hey, I love your blog.

    If you’re looking for other URL shorteners is also very popular. I try to integrate all of my social networks so I can update from a single source like Twitter or Facebook updates. I didn’t know about SocialOomph and I’m going to check into it right now.


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