Sunday Summary

  1. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a week. I finished a draft of Devil’s Eye last Sunday.  Did minor revisions and sent it to the Pink Hammer of Doom (aka Pot) on Tuesday.  Had it returned on Thursday morning when I fully lost faith and had a Writer’s Spaz.  Replotted things with Pot on Thursday night.  Wrote a new synopsis Friday night.  And yesterday spent about 8 hours working, going through the first 6 scenes and making necessary edits, revisions, and rewrites.
  2. I have ten scenes to go, seven of which are straight up rewrites. I’m diving into those today.  No idea how far I will get, but what gets written gets written.
  3. I am trying to divorce myself from deadlines on this project. I’ve spent so much time looking at this story as something that should be quick and fast to write, that should be easy to release by the end of the year, that I really haven’t spent enough time investing myself in the story itself.  It’s been all about what the story could do for me objectively.
  4. This is why, in a perfect world, authors should never have to worry about anything but the story, period. Someone else should deal with marketing and sales and yadda yadda.  But we don’t live in a perfect world, and even the traditionally published have to worry about marketing and deadlines.  So I’m trying to be grateful that I am my own boss on this, and I have control.
  5. I am on my second full day of solitude, and I’m starting to feel sane again. Two whole days where I’ve only had to talk to my mom and husband briefly, where no one but the dogs want anything from me (pets and dinner please!).  It’s been fantastic.  I’ll be ready for some company tomorrow, but I have absolutely enjoyed the quiet.
  6. Last night I started reading Julie Kagawa’s The Iron King. So often the fiction I’ve read about the fey deals with the encroaching of urban areas on their territories.  The heroines are usually city-bred and somehow delicate.  Not so in this case.  Meghan Chase lives on a pig farm in Louisiana.  I can’t tell you how much this cracks me up and delights me.  Anyway, I’m really enjoying it, and have a total crush on Puck (he’s a favorite of mine from fey lore).
  7. I admit it.  I’m starting to think about Christmas. Thanksgiving is week after next, and once it’s over, I’m headed up to my mom’s to help her deck the house out.  We’re having Christmas at her house for the first time in 11 years, and the plan is to go ALL OUT.  She’s got a big, gorgeous house, that’s perfect for decorating.  It’s gonna be great.  Which is nice, because our house will be low key this year.  No way in hell am I asking (or allowing) hubby to get on the roof to put up the icicle lights after breaking his leg this year.  But we will have a lovely, fresh evergreen wreath that I ordered through a fundraiser this year, and we’ll do the tree and such.
  8. I had hoped to finish all my lectures by the end of November, but that’s not going to happen. I might have been able to do it if Devil’s Eye hadn’t needed so much work, but that’s my priority right now.  So I’ll keep plodding along at a lecture a week (though I am behind), with a goal of finishing them by the end of the year so that my plate is clear for Red in January, just in time for…
  9. A Round of Words in 80 Days: The Writing Challenge That Realizes You Have A Life. Yep I’m starting my own writing challenge.  More details to follow, but I am looking for other indie authors to help sponsor it (sponsoring requiring nothing but an inspirational guest post and a promise to pop in to comment once a week on the blog of each member of your team, and probably a pimpage post when we’re gearing up).  I am actually not 100% wedded to keeping all the sponsors indie since the challenge is open to absolutely anyone, I just figure I’m most likely to FIND that many indie authors among my acquaintance.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I’m looking for 9 others besides myself and Pot.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I would be interested in joining your “Writing Challenge That Realizes You Have A Life”, but it depends on when you start it. After the New Year, great. Before then, my life would probably be too much in the way, even for such an understanding challenge. 😉

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