Sunday Summary

  1. For the second morning this weekend, I have woken up at 7:30, and this time my husband wasn’t even snoring. This is totally an injustice.  Add to that the fact that I was dreaming something about Lady GaGa and steam cleaning my grandmother’s carpet…I think it’s a two cup morning.
  2. It’s been a slow writing week. I’ve had lots going on, preparing for Thanksgiving, Evil Day Job, and other assorted obligations, so that I haven’t moved as far forward on Devil’s Eye as I’d like.  C’est la vie.  Since I’m up, I might as well write once I get my tea.
  3. We were uber productive around the house yesterday. Got the garage all blown out, and the siding hosed off.  Then did a super fast, OMG People Are Coming And The House Is A Disaster clean of the inside.  Got halfway through that before they called to say they’d be late, but we went ahead and finished anyway because it will save me a bit of work later this week, since I’ll be up to my eyeballs in food preparation.
  4. MSU lost to Arkansas in 2nd overtime last night. Probably nobody outside the SEC cares, but it was a really good game.
  5. I finished reading both The Iron King and Winter Passage by Julie Kagawa this weekend. OMG, love love love love, and am trying to be a good girl and get the crit I’m doing finished, some of the review books I’m supposed to be reading, read, and generally NOT blowing everything off to go immediately grab The Iron Daughter.  These books would be another reason that I didn’t get too much writing done this week.  HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.
  6. I am still looking for sponsors for January’s inaugural round of A Round of Words in 80 Days. I’m looking for writers who have something published (indie or traditional).  Your only responsibilities as a sponsor are to a) participate in ROW80, b) write one inspirational/challenge post during the challenge, and c) swing by once a week and leave an encouraging comment on your team members’ blogs.

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