Gluten Free Friday: Flour Tortillas

We love Mexican food.  Plenty of our favorites were totally fine when we went gluten free.  Corn tortillas are fine.  Lots of our rice and bean based dishes are fine.  Taco soup is fine.  But you know, there’s just nothing like a flour tortilla.  You can’t make a burrito without one.  And, I’m sorry, but I just don’t like my homemade enchiladas with corn tortillas.  So when I came across this recipe for flour tortillas from Gluten Free Cooking School, I jumped for joy.  I really liked this one because it didn’t use anything WEIRD.  I can find the corn starch, soy flour, brown rice flour, and masa harina from her master mix locally (which is often hard to do in a small town).  Unlike regular flour tortillas, this recipe doesn’t use any fat, so they actually come out pretty low cal, which is nice.  The hard part is getting them rolled out actually, you know, round.  But I learned from my mistakes.  And, you know, YouTube is a wonderful thing.

Pretty soon you’ll be doing it like this.

After you get them rolled out (and actually you can be rolling the next one out while one is cooking), add just a wee bit of oil to a well seasoned cast iron skillet or griddle, cook about a minute per side and voila!

Anyway, the flavor is great.  I think next time I might try adding a wee bit more xanthan gum, as they tore fairly easily, but I did have them totally overloaded, as you can see.  Highly recommend.

One thought on “Gluten Free Friday: Flour Tortillas

  1. Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour is the best-tasting GF flour my family’s found, and it has tips on the back for how much xanthan gum to add for what kind of recipe. I’ve made crepes with it, just using it for regular flour.

    My mother’s gluten intolerant, and I’m rice intolerant. Bob’s Red Mill tastes great, acts a lot like regular flour, and has no gluten or rice in it.

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