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I know, it’s after lunch and I’m only just now posting.  It’s one of those days when I’m feeling a little scatterbrained (and now full from a really fantastic lamb shawarma for lunch).

This morning I had to nuke the formatting for both Blindsight and Devil’s Eye, both of which I’d made some minor changes to a few weeks ago and uploaded to Smashwords only to be told I had corrupt formatting.  Nevermind that I hadn’t had corrupt formatting the LAST time I published them.  I guess they did some kind of update to the Meatgrinder.  Whatever.  It’s finally done now.

Yesterday I uploaded Blindsight to Amazon for 99 cents, then reported a cheaper price (i.e. free) elsewhere.  Hoping to get around their system so that it will be available as a freebie there as well as all the other locations.  And if it doesn’t work, well, it’s the reader’s responsibility to do research to see if it’s cheaper somewhere else.

My new laptop, purchased with actual book income, arrives tomorrow.  It actually was slated for delivery on Friday, but we missed the Fedex guy by 15 minutes and nobody told me it was signature required.  As Monday was a holiday and Fed Ex home doesn’t work on Mondays anyway, they got a holiday TODAY (WHY I have no idea), so the next delivery attempt isn’t until tomorrow.  I have LOTS to transfer and install.  I don’t even remember the specs on it except that hubby assures me it will play Diablo 3 when that comes out.

The grant that kept me office bound and crazy last week is now going around for signatures.  Yippee.  I am currently recovering before we hit the ground running getting our other grant project (the one that was funded) up and running.

The Magnificent Laurie McLean is back from New York and BEA with the news that…a bunch of people want to see Red.  O.o  I’m just going to pretend that’s not real so that my brain doesn’t explode and render me non-functional again.  I’m on target to finish drafting sometime in July and should have it totally finished by end of July or beginning of August.  If I could get a few more of those kick ass 9k weeks, it would go much faster.

I’ve been thinking about my kitchen witch series lately.  I finally decided that a good description would be Katie MacAllister meets Diane Mott Davidson with a twist of Paula Deen.  I’m not sure when I’ll start it.  It’ll be Mirus projects until the end of the year (Riven and Revelation), once Red is out the door.  And I swear the next book WILL NOT START WITH THE LETTER “R”.  Then I’ll want a break from that again.  Which will either be my kitchen witch, another YA project, or…something completely different.  It will just depend on what kind of mood I’m in at that point.  It’s months off. But I do think I’m ready to start a Blueprint for the first book in the kitchen witch series.

I have made it to Master level on the De-Stress goal of New U Yoga and Pilates for Wii.  In an effort to escape Crane Pose (which popped up once I hit Master), I’ve now switched over to the Lower Body Strength goal.  Take that Crane Pose!  There are, I think, 8 different goals.  I guess I’ll wind up just working my way through all of them.

In case you didn’t stop by Pots and Plots, this weekend I made Diet Crack, aka Cake Batter Ice Cream.  Because I am evil.  You should try it.

For all you Iron Fey fans out there, Summer’s Crossing, Puck’s novella, comes out TOMORROW.  Also, Julie says she finally gets to reveal the cover for The Iron Knight.  This is big news!  I need me some Ash.  NEED IT.  Do you hear me, Julie?

Well, until someone figures out a way to get me out of my job, I guess that is all that is remotely interesting going on in the world of Kait.

Oh!  I am taking volunteers for ROW80 sponsors for ROUND 3!  I’ve already had two lovely ladies step up, one of whom has already sent in her inspirational post (and I thought I did stuff early).  Round 3 begins July 4th and runs through September 22nd.  Sponsors are responsible for swinging by once a week to leave encouraging comments on a segment of our ROW80 participants and providing one inspirational post, along with a short bio and pic for your sponsor page (please see any of them above for examples).  Again, if you’re interested, send me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

2 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. I’ve been hoping that you would do the Kitchen Witch series soon. I love Diane Mott Davidson (Goldie is my hero), so add a little magic…. :0)

    I’m excited that people want to see Red. That’s just awesome!

  2. Congrats on the laptop-bought-with-writer-income – what an awesome milestone! This is the first I’ve heard about a kitchen-witch series (probably because I’ve only been following you since Mirus took off) but I’m definitely interested!

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