#ROW80 Check-In and Operation G.I.T.

I’m at 60% complete on Red.  After my magnificent week of 9k+ plus and last week’s 5k, the last several days I have barely eeked out my 500 minimum.  Ugh. Sunday: 0, Monday: 527, Tuesday: 572.  I think my brain is a little fried after last week’s sprint to finish our NIH grant at work.  And then I was crazy busy over the weekend with the wedding and a party and chores…

But hey, I wound up with 27156 for the month of May, which trumps my total word count for February, March, and April combined.  So…yeah, I’m happy with that.

I also sat down last night to do some reworking of my second half outline.  I got to the other side of my super awesome midpoint and kind of ran into…not a roadblock, because I’m still moving forward, but maybe…a pit of molasses.  I had sort of vague notions of what happened between my very specific Pinch Point 2 and Second Plot Point and my Climax, but there seriously were some missing details.  Turns out I had a whole chapter’s worth of empty scenes.  I got rid of those.  I’m still not exactly happy with what I have, but it’s closer.  I’m waiting for stuff to gel in my brain.

Thinking about doing a full read through today to really immerse myself back in the story after all the dry, scientific writing (and my jaunt off into the newish shiny of my kitchen witch).  My new computer is arriving at some point today, so I have a lot of installation and file transfer to do.  I’d like to see what threads I dropped, make note of what I need to pull through into Acts 3 and 4.

As for Operation G.I.T., I frankly don’t know what’s going on with my weight.  I’ve yo-yoed 5 pounds in the last 10 days, landing somewhere in the middle, which would be in keeping with all the overeating I did last week.  I’ve decided to start actually tracking the water weight, muscle mass, and body fat that my scale measures (it’s one of the swanky ones), along with my actual measurements to get a better picture of my progress.  And maybe by the time I hit Master level on the Lower Body goal, I’ll be back in the last two pair of capri pants.

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-In and Operation G.I.T.

  1. You are rockin’ Red, Kait! I become curiouser and curiouser.
    I also have computer envy. Oh, how I miss my Mac. I wish it would return from the Mac doctor.
    Write on, Yoga Master.

  2. My scale is a plain jane and I always avoid it when I’m pregnant. I hate seeing the numbers go up and up and up and realizing that I’m going to have to work my butt off to get it back down again. Nursing does nothing to help me lose weight. So I guess if you’re still doing the GIT check-ins come Sept. I may be joining you.

    My favorite part of writing is the first edit, because I love getting rid of the clutter. It sounds like you’re getting a chance to do that before you even start editing, so good for you. I’m still trying to reach my midpoint. It seems like the more I write, the further away it gets. Really, what in the heck are these characters of mine thinking, anyway? They’re all so willy-nilly and doing their own things.

  3. You’ve reached plateau. That’s when your body adapt to your exercise routine. Basically, it means that you won’t lose as much weight. That’s why they’re recommending people to either take a week off, change their routine or work on other muscles.

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