Road Tripping, #ROW80, and Operation G.I.T.

So I have been on the road with my boss since Monday, a prospected I have much dreaded because, well, I’m not excited at all about the project and, working after 5 sucks, and I was pretty sure that my tolerance quotient would be exceeded.  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  I made a shocking discovery over drinks Monday night.

My boss likes Glee.

Being a massive Gleek myself, I was excited as it finally gave us something non-work related to TALK ABOUT.  Praise the Lord.  So I’m driving last night’s leg from Vicksburg home (3 and a half hours) and I put on Glee on my iPhone because it was late when we left and we were gonna get in at nearly midnight and we were tired.  This led to the discovery of some True Things:

  1. When you are conditioned to singing to the Glee soundtrack (the long 100 track version from Season 1 that has almost everything) on road trips with your spouse, it is REALLY HARD not to bust into song when company is different. People, I am trained to belt it (with no where NEAR the talent of the cast, though I can generally remain on key) in the car.  This was HARD to restrain from. 
  2. It is really hard to hit those notes singing softly under your breath. 
  3. While Glee is an excellent choice to keep you awake on a late drive, it also means you will be HYPER (or I will) when you get to your destination and are supposed to be falling asleep.

Other strangeness on the drive included an incident as we were working our way via back roads and highways to the main highway we needed to get home.  For part of the trip we were on a long stretch of the Natchez Trace, which is a lengthy scenic parkway that runs from Natchez, MS to Nashville, Tennessee.  It’s generally a beautiful drive in the daylight and has a speed limit of 50 miles per hour.  I try to avoid it most of the time.  But after 10 PM, nobody’s patrolling, so I’m trucking along at actual reasonable speeds and keeping my eyes peeled for deer because it’s very wooded and it was after dark.  But it wasn’t a deer that looms up out of the night.  No.  It was A COW.  And her CALF.  Just THERE, on the side of the road.  It was a little bit like that bit from the Wizard of Oz where there’s a random cow in the tornado.

Thankfully the cow did not actually step out in front of the car, as that would have been VERY VERY bad.  My mother in law hit a cow once.  Totaled the  car.  Didn’t do anything good for the cow either.

In any event I got to sleep in my own bed last night.  We’re leaving this afternoon for the next leg of our trip, not to be home until Friday.  Bleh.

So ROW80.  Sunday I only managed 176 words, as we were mostly gone all day for my uncle’s birthday.  Monday I squeezed in a respectable 756 before we left and before I went to bed in the hotel.  I sat down to write Tuesday and got one sentence (19 words) before I got a phone call from a friend who needed to talk, and of course we got home SO LATE, I didn’t actually try to write.  So I definitely have not gotten as much written as I would like.  But I knew that would likely happen.  I’ll just keep moving forward as I’m able.

I have done a lot of reading, however.  I knocked out Divergent yesterday and immediately started Hourglass by Myra McEntire.  Can I tell you how EXCITED I have been about this book?  I mean, seriously.  I’ve been waiting for it with bated breath since Myra gave me the general summary while she was writing it during a chat we had…what? a year and a half ago?  I’ll probably plow through that today and tomorrow, and then I dive into The Demon’s Surrender, which happily came in from Amazon YESTERDAY in time for me to pack it for the next leg of this trip.  So yay for that.

Regarding Operation G.I.T.  Well, the good news is that I have managed some kind of workout every day.  It’s about half what I usually do, but it’s something.  The bad news…well–Thai, Greek, Italian….in the span of 24 hours.  I am very very full, still.  Uncomfortably so, from last night’s stupendous cannelloni al forno, calamari, and tomato basil soup.  So I’m shooting for something lighter today.  Don’t think I’ll weigh for a few days when this trip is over.  I don’t wanna know.  I will say this about my boss…she loves trying good food, so she’s always game for new restaurant/foodie experiences.  So no being limited to crappy chains.

Anyway, I slept in, but I really need to jump in and do a workout, then get on to work.  Catch you on the flip side tweeps.

One thought on “Road Tripping, #ROW80, and Operation G.I.T.

  1. There was a cow in a tornado in Twister, too. LOL

    It sounds like you’ve actually had some fun. It’s always hard to get much writing done in those situations, but I know you’ll be back at it next week. And as for the food…when you’re on trips, you just HAVE to eat well. It’s a rule. I can’t tell you how well fed I was on my trip to NYC. :0)

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