My Super Crazy Life

My life is insane.  I just had to share that.

So I shared over the weekend that we’d gotten a reasonable offer on our house.  We countered.  She countered.  We came to an agreement on Sunday.  Home inspection was yesterday and we’re still waiting to hear the results of that.  We don’t expect anything major.

Also on Sunday we went to see a house out in the neighborhood that we liked that was for sale by owner.  It was a random thing.  I’d driven out the week before to see if the house we liked in that area still had a for sale sign in the yard and saw this one up the street with a tube of fliers on the FSBO sign.  Grabbed one.  Totally fit our size parameters, but was well above our budget, so I didn’t think anything about it, but I called for an appointment to see it anyway.

We went Sunday afternoon and hubs was determined not to like it.  I mostly just assumed it was out of our price range and would be a good comparator to the one we intended to buy.  Then we walked in.  KATHUNK.

Perfect was an understatement.  We wouldn’t even have to paint. It was exactly what we wanted except for not having a fence and we were going to have to build one at the other house too.  Four bedrooms, three bath, nice kitchen, 2 car garage, gas fireplace, floored attic, and A PANTRY.  NONE of the houses we’ve been looking at had a pantry.  The folks who are selling are super nice.  About our age.  Moving to shorten their commute.

In short, we LOVED this house.

So we came home and ran the numbers to see what we could reasonably afford.  I’m big on numbers.  I know that shocks you. 😉  So we figured out what we could afford and we made them an offer to start negotiations.  They countered.  We countered again.

And we came to an agreement.


We are getting our perfect house. :FLAIL:


And we’re moving in T-minus 37 days.  EEP!

Oh and I’m still trying to finish Red before then.  GAH!

So if I’m not around as much as usual, that’s why.

20 thoughts on “My Super Crazy Life

  1. I’m doing the Snoopy dance for you right now! (Well, in my mind.) I’ve been thinking about you and your house situation a lot, and have actually said a prayer or two. I’m SO happy for you, I feel like jumping up and down right here in my office and making my co-workers think I’m insane. :0)

    1. Shockingly, I have at least been able to hit my daily minimum each day, despite the crazy. I need a lot MORE than that to finish the book, but that’s something 😀

  2. Congrats on finding your perfect home!!! and getting yours sold:) Yes, it will be a hectic time for a bit getting things packed to move, however, having the house move-in ready a mega bonus…

  3. Yay, that’s so awesome, Kait! I’ve been following your house struggle and I know how stressed you’ve been. Way to go on still getting your words!

  4. I have been following this since the beginning on my email feed, CONGRATULATIONS Kait! Good things do come to those who wait and even more importantly they come when they are supposed to, but for a chance drive by you might have missed your “perfect house”!

    1. I know, right? It wasn’t listed ANYWHERE online on any of the FSBO sites. I’m not usually one to talk about fate but it’s like this was meant to be!

  5. Whoot…congrats Kait! That’s so exciting you happened on the perfect house. I can’t believe you’re still getting the words down but kudos 🙂 Best of luck with the move.

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