The buyer backed out.

Because we refused to fix “structural issues” with the house (that are not structural issues, which is why we refused to fix them).


I think hate mail will have to count as my words for the week.

14 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. It was picked out and under contract. Thankfully we have it in the contract that the sale was contingent upon the close of sale on our house. But it was the perfect house.

  2. That just really sucks. We experiences something kind of similar four years ago when we bought this house. The one we had an offer on fell thru, and we were devastated because it was perfect. Then we found this one, and it’s been the better option. I’m sorry this has happened!

  3. That really sucks, Kait. Sorry that you have to go through it. But, on the bright side—and believe me (I have more than anyone wants when it comes to experience)—things will pick up. The buyer probably would have found some reason to make you guys take it back. You are better off without her purchasing it.

    I do hope you find a buyer soon. One that will appreciate all the things you and your husband have.

  4. If in fact this wasn’t a valid structural issue, I don’t see how they can void the contract. At the very least they should lose their earnst money. If you can afford to carry the house/rent it until the market changes, that might be your best best.

  5. But how can they do that when the process has gone so far? That’s such a shame. Hope something good – better – best comes up very soon!

  6. Karma’s a bitch and someday she will pay. With interest. I’m thinking possibly, whenever she DOES manage to get herself into house, it will involve flooding, no flood insurance, and sewage.

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