Now Available: RED

It’s been a long time coming!  I envisioned this book back in the fall last year, started writing in January and hoped to release in May.  Well now it’s August, but my debut YA novel Red is FINALLY HERE!  Right after Labor Day my awesome agent the Magnificent Laurie McLean will be shopping it to traditional publishers.  If I go under contract, Red will be taken down, so if you want to buy, now’s the time!

Once upon a time, Red Riding Hood fell in love with the wolf.  It ended badly…

Elodie Rose has a secret. Any day, she’ll become a wolf and succumb to the violence that’s cursed her family for centuries. For seventeen years she’s hidden who and what she is. But now someone knows the truth and is determined to exterminate her family line. Living on borrowed time in the midst of this dangerous game of hide and seek, the last thing Elodie needs to do is fall in love. But Sawyer is determined to protect her, and the brooding, angry boy is more than what he seems. Can they outsmart a madman? And if they survive, will they find a way to beat the curse for good?

Buy it now from Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance EBooks.  

For those who would like to purchase from Sony, Kobo, Diesel Ebooks, or the Apple iBookstore, it’s coming.  Those are expanded distribution channels from Smashwords, so it takes a little while to populate.

If you are a book blogger who would like to review Red, please send me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com. 

15 thoughts on “Now Available: RED

  1. I bought and downloaded it as soon as I saw your post! I’ve read the first twenty pages or so already and I’m LOVING it!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey – hopped right on over to Amazon and got it 🙂 Look forward to reading this story that I have been following with you.

  3. I’ve just downloaded Red! (And Forsaken by Shadow, because I only read it here, but wanted to buy a copy and I finally did it!)
    I’m very excited; I’ve been waiting for Red since you posted that sneak peek 😉

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