A Very Late #ROW80 Update

I’m just now getting back to a computer where I can write an update.  We’ve had an out of town colleague in this week doing some work on the next phase of one of our grants, so I’ve been ensconced in a conference room all week working my fanny off.  This has led to too much eating out for lunch and dinner (MASSIVELY OVER BUDGET), missing half my workouts (so Operation GIT fail since Monday), and generally being frazzled and in need of downtime when I got home.  So only one day of writing (yesterday) at 627 words.  But I’ve been doing some reading and my brain’s been working out plot nuances, so I’m not overly concerned.  Life should go back to normal tomorrow.  Then I can dig out of the mess that is my office at work–piles there are many of them–and get back into routine.

7 thoughts on “A Very Late #ROW80 Update

  1. My schedule is a delicate thing and I don;t do well at all if it gets messed up- which sucks because my life and my job are not calm enough to keep my schedule going consistently. But I’m working on it.

  2. Here’s hoping that your life evens out soon. I’m not very good with “disturbances in the force” either. Have a cup of your favourite, close your eyes and start over tomorrow. 🙂 I hope the rest of your week is smooth sailing.

  3. Whew! You’ve been busy.

    My hubby’s like you and can work things out in his head. Me…I need paper and pencil or my computer. Otherwise, I forget all those brilliant ideas I come up with. *grin*

    All the best as you get back at it.

  4. Sometimes those crazy workweeks happen. I’ve been in full-day meetings the last two days. Came home with a killer headache yesterday, but feel better tonight knowing it’s over! 🙂 Hope things calm down for you, too. Good luck this coming week!

  5. I just had a week like that at work and it is, thankfully, behind me. So all I can say is, (which you probably already know) “It will get better!” (*that is me looking at the glass half full and then, drinking it!* 😀 ) Good luck this week with your goals!

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