Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Operation GIT has been full of so much fail this week.  Monday had lunch with a girlfriend.  Tuesday was a working lunch, followed by a birthday dinner for my FIL, followed by frozen yogurt.  Wednesday another working lunch, followed by a reception with loads of food at work.  Thursday was a blessedly normal day but then Friday was a birthday dinner at a greasy spoon for a friend, followed by ice cream.  And LAST NIGHT was a Halloween party with enough food to feed a small country.  As of Friday my weight miraculously hadn’t changed (I’ve been exercising my butt off) but holy crap I have SO FAR exceeded my body’s tolerance for rich, fattening, or junky food it’s not even funny.  I don’t want a single bite of anything NOT HEALTHY until Thanksgiving (which, admittedly, is only like 3 and a half weeks.  Holy crap!).  GIVE ME VEGETABLES!  I’m making a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup for tonight.  Here’s to getting back to normal.
  2. Things have been kind of fail on the writing front too this week.   I wound up writing only on one day.  The two intensive working days at work destroyed my attention span and left me with the focusing ability of a gerbil on crack.  I’m not overly worried about it.  I’m not really stuck, I just haven’t been able to settle enough to really write.  That changes today.  Hubs is off to play golf and I’ll have some peace and quiet and lack of distractions.
  3. If I get motivated, I’ll do some channeling of my heroine today.  She’s renovating an antebellum mansion to turn it into a B and B.  I was thinking about going ahead and starting my embossed wallpaper backsplash.  So that will entail a quick trip to Lowes to pick up paint.  And I still need to make the template (I figure it’s easier to make a template out of other paper than to try to get all the creases right on my pretty wallpaper).  We’ll see how I feel when I’m done with my tea.  I might just do the template, then spend the rest of the day on the book.
  4. We’re doing another open house this coming week.  It’s Homecoming, so the last shot at the football crowd for anybody who might want a weekend Bulldog house.  We don’t actually expect anything to come of it, and we’ll be taking it off the market come December until next spring.  Then we’ll at least have a few months of peace until the circus starts again.
  5. Meanwhile, I’m trying to sort out my own gluten free French baguette recipe.   I’m thinking I’ll have to do a loaf bread instead as I don’t have a baguette baking pan (something to add to my Christmas list).  Maybe ciabatta rolls….

14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Don’t beat yourself up too much on the GIT fail – those work lunches and celebratory dinners are killers! The only reason I’ve done well in that regard this week is because I haven’t had any of those. Those events are also a killer of the writing, in that they keep us from getting to it at all, much less being able to accomplish anything. Here’s to hoping your next week is better (and so is mine)!

  2. Looks like quite a few of us had rough weeks on the exercise front (myself included). Must be the coming holiday season which just tends to get out of control. Enjoy your day of peace and here’s hoping you are able to get a ton of writing in.

    All the best 🙂

  3. “gerbil on crack” Baaaaaaaaahahaha! THAT is awesome. Glad to see I’m not the only one. And you’ve inspired me…I’m going to make some soup too…with an unexpected snowfall here, it’s a great day for it!

  4. Tomorrow I start dieting. High time to get my butt into gear. Gained far too much and reading about you GIT program has me feeling ashamed of myself. Don’t feel bad for having a bad week. ?It was through circumstance not preference and as long as you get back on the health wagon then eventually this week just disappears from the record.

  5. I love that one of your goals is to be healthy (I think as I just finished that brownie)
    I went to a Dog Agility Trial this morning (Yes, freezing my butt off in the snow) and my son and I ate at a grease truck. I tried to avoid those in college, and here I was, feeding that #$%%@ to my son. UGH. Maybe I will try to exercise a little this week.

  6. I’m with Gene and the rest of the crew on the crap exercise week. We’re doing the Biggest Loser at work and in 9 weeks I’ve lost a total of 1/3 of a pound. Seriously. Tomorrow is the final weigh in and if I don’t at least get a full pound out of the deal, I’m gonna be the gerbil on crack next to you in gerbil rehab.

    Work always seems to be a bitch this time of year as everyone works to be holiday-ready and finish projects before year-end. You just keep truckin’…you’ll get there.

  7. Now that I’m starting back up at the gym, maybe I should be considering a GIT challenge for myself. My diet is so full of fail these days. I eat like a pig, and this is the one time I should be letting breastfeeding help me out with the after baby weight. There is no way I want it to take 3 years to get back down to my normal size again. *sigh*

    Good luck with your goals! You can do it!!!

  8. Hope the words flowed today while hubby was playing golf. My eating has been horrible lately! I told hubby today it was time to diet my butt off, so I could eat what I wanted for Thanksgiving. 😉

  9. I’m right there with you on the GIT fail — I was too lazy to work out this week, and made a few questionable decisions while grocery shopping. But this coming week is a new one, as everyone has been reminding me. The promise of a delicious Thanksgiving feast around the corner, though, is a good motivator for eating well until then. 😀

  10. We just made chicken noodle soup too! Boyfriend put too much cayenne in it, and I got a sinus cleaning. These weeks remind you of the reason you have the goal in the first place – to make it a habit. You’ll get back to it next week! Gluten free baguettes?! That’s amazing. Are there gluten free bagels?

  11. I also hope you were able to crank on some writing while you have a moment of peace. This was a hard week for me as well with day gig work taking over and zapping my energy and focus needed for some goals as well. You will get back on track and crank on the goals this week. Good luck!

  12. But look at all that Halloweeen candy just calling your name 😉 They might even dress up as vegetables. HeHe. Joking aside, Here’s to a better week. ~clink~ (I totally stole that from Kerry)

  13. This time of year it’s so hard NOT to cheat, all the way up until Christmas. I’ve been on a low carb diet since May (not restrictively low, like Atkins, but low nonetheless) and have lost almost 40 lbs. I’m finding it very hard to resist my favorite, everything pumpkin! Just know you’re not alone. 🙂

    On the writing front, I have pre-NaNo jitters (seriously), but I’m biting the bullet! Good luck with your goals this week.

  14. been writing soldly for weeks trying to get Jack finished and my eating and exercise goals totaly vanished – either ‘not enough time’ to stop or quick rustle meal or snacking and for goodness sake exercise! when I want to write!!!!
    nano will be a chance for me to get back on track to shift some more of my killer weight
    all the best for this week

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