Monday Miscellany

I’m rocking the sexy librarian look today with my glasses, which I NEVER wear in public.  There’s the leftover emotional stigma from my geeky junior high days, plus I’m blind as a bat, so the lack of proper peripheral vision is not cool.  But they’re necessary as contacts aren’t happening for a day or two.  Last night I managed to nearly put my eye out.  I highly advise against tripping while carrying an open USPS box with pointy edges.  The result is most unpleasant.  Second black eye this year.  People are gonna start to talk…  But hey, I didn’t blind myself, so bonus.

Klutzy.  I haz it.

On the upside, I’ve managed to turn the holiday gain from 5 pounds into 3 by much ass busting over the last week.  Gonna continue that trend and hopefully turn that 3 into 2 by Christmas day.  That’s the plan anyway.  I might even manage to turn the 2 into 1 by the time I come back to work on the 4th.  :is determined:  It could happen.  It’ll happen slower if my exercise bike breaks, which it’s showing signs of doing.  It’s making this awful knocking noise.  Gotta take it apart to see what’s wrong with the chain.  It might just need oiling or Christmas money may be going toward a new one since it’s something I use every day.

There is, of course, also the desire to buy, like, everything Nalini Singh has ever written.  Because I really heart her.  I just finished Archangel’s Blade.  I didn’t think she could make me like Demitri.  I was wrong.  I just really love the world building she does in both of her series and I find it so inspiring.

I’ve decided that I need to find more of that on an adult level in 2012.  2011 has totally been the year of YA.  And while I will no doubt continue to devour YA fiction with the same fervor as a vat of Ben and Jerry’s Clusterfluff, I’d like to add in some more variety that will keep my brain kicking on adult fiction  as well as YA since I know there are folks who would like to hold me hostage until I put out another Mirus book.  :edges more firmly behind door of bunker:  So give me book recs people!  What’s your favorite paranormal romance or urban fantasy with romantic bent series out there?  I already love anything Nalini Singh, Marjorie M. Liu, J. R. Ward, and Patricia Briggs.  Gimme some more to add to my TBR.  It’s already stretching into the 10th year of my retirement, so what are a few more?


5 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. Wow, Kait, that’s really scary. I’m glad you weren’t hurt badly. Whew!

    Great work on shaving off those extra pounds. It’s not easy.

    It would be hard for me to recommend books for you. My taste is all over the place, and I tend to not read series too much, since I like the new and shiny all the time. LOL

  2. I’m no good on book recs in that category but can’t wait to hear what others suggest!
    Funny, though, I’m practically blind too and yet find wearing glasses so much more comfortable!

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