I Want A Ganzfeld Chamber

I am an introvert.

I’m not shy.  I’m not bad with people (usually).  I’m not any of the things that the general public thinks of when they think of introversion.

Introversion means that I don’t get energy from being around people.  It means they drain me.  I like people, I really do, but they EXHAUST ME.  It’s why I prefer parties with small groups to big ones.  Why I like hanging out with a couple of people instead of a bunch.

So the fact that last week I spent two days trapped in a conference room and most of the rest of it putting out fires on assorted other projects that necessitated I work with a bunch of other folks to prepare for THIS week, and then that I’m trapped three days running in a conference room all day this week has left me just wiped.

One night last week, I went to bed at 8:30.

Friday night I slept TWELVE HOURS.

When I got home from work yesterday, I should have worked out, should have written.  Instead, I turned out the lights, cocooned in my snuggie, and passed out on the sofa for an hour and a half.

OMG, y’all I want my own Ganzfeld chamber.  Quiet, dark, cut off sensory stimuli.  Away from people.

I’m twitchy and irritable and I really want my cave with quiet, where nobody WANTS anything from me, so I can curl up with my snuggie and sleep and read for a week, possibly without saying a word.


5 thoughts on “I Want A Ganzfeld Chamber

  1. Ooh, I’d love one of those too. I totally understand the needing sleep thing. Although my last few days weren’t nearly as crazy as yours, I was worn out yesterday and crashed at 8:30 right after I put daughter to bed. I felt guilty for about ten minutes, and then I fell asleep, lol. Sometimes we just need to crash and reboot. Hope you have a good day:)

  2. I understand. Sometimes people just wear me out, too. That’s why I’m so glad I only work with 5 people, all guys. But the days when I’m the most tired is when I’ve had to answer all those phone calls when my assistant isn’t here. (He is also our truck driver…we’re a small company, LOL.) So even if it’s on the phone rather than in person, people make me tired.

  3. Take a trip to Costa Rica! Awesome place for R & R and in the remote villages, they don’t really speak much English. But yes, on the domestic side, I second that desire to have a quiet room like so many companies have started installing in their office buildings. I’m an ENFP, the most introverted of the extroverts, so while I gain energy from people, I need my daily alone time or I crash and burn.

    My last week was the exact same way and I’m happy to say that after a very restful weekend, I’m finally back to normal. I too was neglecting my workouts but once I finally got back to yoga yesterday, I realized I MUST take time for it regularly. It always restores me 🙂

    1. Mostly I don’t miss workouts because I get up and do them before life has a chance to interfere, but I tend to do multiple workouts a day and yesterday I just didn’t have time to squeeze them in.

  4. Completely relatable! I’m not shy – by any stretch – but large groups of people don’t do it for me. Sometimes the size of our sweet family can even be a bit much. If I don’t have enough time to myself I become a yucky, irritable monster. That said, I LOVE connecting with folks in small groups – 2, 3 other people. That’s just right for me.

    Hope you get the time you need to re-coop!

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