Wanna Help Me Win DABWAHA? Here’s How

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I am still flailing after yesterday’s news that Red has been nominated as a finalist in the DABWAHA (Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors) YA category.  As I said before, it’s a total honor just to be nominated.

But let’s face it.  I’ve got a competitive nature.  :mischievous gleam:

In the indie world I am often held up as an example of a well-maintained, well-built social media platform.  Well, y’all, now’s the time to figure out exactly how good it is.  I am calling on YOU, my good people of blogdom, my fabulous Tweeps, my awesome readers, to MOBILIZE.  Take action and VOTE so that I stand a fighting chance of making it out of the first bracket against this contingent of amazing traditionally published books.

There are a lot of steps to this depending on how things go, so I have created a brand-spanking new, special DABWAHA Newsletter that you can sign up for to be notified of what to do where and when.  You can click the link above or you can find the sign up link in the menu under my header.  I normally only send out newsletters when there’s a new release (so a couple times a year).  The DABWAHA Newsletter is a time-limited campaign that will involve periodic blasts over the next 2 weeks.  I promise, I’m not normally all up in your inbox.  Once the DABWAHA Tourney is over, the emails will stop.  Remember, this is totally separate from my normal newsletter, so if you still want to receive notices of new releases and, you know, news, be sure you’re signed up here (for the regular newsletter).

Now, you don’t actually get anything out of this.  I don’t have prizes or anything (that would be considered bribery, which would be very unsportsmanlike).  All you get out of this is a chance to earn my undying gratitude and an opportunity to help me try and show up the big girls.  Let’s show ’em Red is the Little Indie (Book) That Could!

Between now and March 13th, you can help by ENTERING YOUR PICKS per the instructions here on the DABWAHA website.

Feel free to tweet, FB, share, reblog, or flag down total strangers to squee.  Whatever you gotta do to share.  And don’t forget to sign up for the DABWAHA Newsletter!

6 thoughts on “Wanna Help Me Win DABWAHA? Here’s How

  1. Kait, I’m in! I’ve downloaded Red and ready to read. Good luck and I’ll be there all the way.

    PS: I have some pretty good internet at the moment so I’m not going anywhere.

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