Sunday Summary

  1. Well, DABWAHA is over, at least for me.  Despite the AMAZING efforts of #TeamKait, which got us ahead of Veronica Roth for about 45 minutes yesterday–a feat which I watched with more nail biting and nerves than I did that year MSU and Ole Miss went into double overtime during Egg Bowl–, we ultimately lost by 53 votes.  I am still beyond ecstatic to have been nominated and to have made it past the first bracket.  It says so much about y’all and how hard you worked on my and Red’s behalf, and I just can’t thank you all enough.  I’d like to have a big backyard cookout for everybody.  Except I kinda don’t think my yard’s big enough for a party that size.  This is why we have Twitter.
  2. The world is, I hope, settling down just a wee bit this week.  The last two have been a flurry of activity at home and at work and I’d just as soon rest a bit mentally and settle back into my WIP.   The writing has been sporadic at best between ludicrous work schedules, DABWAHA campaigning, and getting the house ready for showing.  Yesterday was the first writing I’ve done since Tuesday (1404 words, thanks very much).  I’m ready to get back in the groove.
  3. Our house is officially back on the market.   We had our first big showing yesterday, and I don’t think our house has ever looked better.  We hid the kitchen garbage can behind the house and put the dog beds in the trunk of my car.  No telling what I’m gonna lose this time trying to make it look like nobody actually LIVES here.  But these were our whale–our picture perfect buyers.  Our realtor said they really loved it, but were hoping for something with two bathrooms (of course they are–this is the kiss of death–so word of advice–don’t ever buy a house with one bathroom because nobody will want to buy it again), but they’re buying a house for their daughter who is currently in school here (and has a friend who lives down the street), their second daughter, who will BE in school here in a couple years, and then intend to use it as a game house, so we’re hoping that they will get over the bathroom thing.  Fingers crossed and St. Joseph ordered.  Yes.  St. Joseph.  Apparently there’s a thing about burying a wee St. Joseph statue while trying to sell your house.  I’d never heard it before, but my coworker told me about it, and hey, I’m willing to try ANYTHING.  Ours should get here on Wednesday.
  4. Spring has totally sprung and the pollen is ridonculous.  Everything is yellow.  Hubs and I are having monster allergies and clearly I need to add more Puffs with aloe to the shopping list.  I’m hoping for a good rain to wash it all away.  It’s mid March and already mid 80s.  We’re all going to die this summer.  I’m just sayin’.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Good luck with the house! It really is (unfortunately!) true about the bathrooms. I remember house hunting and, no matter how much we loved the house, if it was just one bathroom, we had to say no because we knew we’d be wanting to sell it eventually. But hopefully you’ll get someone looking who has no intention of selling in the near future and will be content to enjoy the house because they fall in love with it!

    And good luck getting back into the groove of writing now that some things have settled, too!

  2. Not sure if the St. Joseph things work, but we had two buried in our front flower bed, facing the house. There’s a whole ritual you need to complete. Still took 18 months to sell our house before the market dropped out completely. We had four bathrooms, 10 acres of timber and some really cool energy saving stuff. Good luck with the potential buyers. It sounds ideal.

  3. I think you should be very proud of the results, Kait. Holding your own against Veronica Roth is awesome.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the house. Selling is so stressful, and having just the one bathroom definitely adds to that. Hopefully the perfect buyer comes along!

  4. Darn it! I voted my heart out on your book, I really wanted it to keep going!

    Ah, selling a house. Just been there, done that, and closed on Jan 31st of this year. I had St. Joseph buried by the front door :-D. I’m not Catholic but every little bit helps I say. You are supposed to dig him up and take him with you when the house sells, but we sold from a distance so I had to leave him. St. Joseph is still there, in the ground. I’m picturing the faces of the new home owners when they find him three years from now as they plant a flower bed or something! 😉

  5. I’ve never had to sell a house, but I feel you on the one bathroom thing. There are a lot of those where I live and they don’t tend to do as well with families. Luckily, there are plenty of other types of buyers out there!

    I was rooting hard for your book, because I HEART it so, but I’ve heard Veronica Roth is hard to beat. I’m just thrilled your book got some well deserved notice! As you know, I’m a huge fan of Red. 🙂

  6. You’re still awesome Kait! Congrats on your victory of being nominated!
    Good luck with the house, and I heaer you on allergies. The only tissues I can use is the Puffs w/ aloe – anything else leaves me looking like Rudolph.


  7. I know it would have felt better to win, but it was still awesome that you ran that close in a second round with a traditionally published author. It was an awesome ride, wasn’t it?

    I hope things settle down for you. I’m looking at a couple more weeks of craziness, I think. Good luck with the house. And the allergies. 🙁

  8. I think it’s so neat that you made the finals. It’s something to be proud of. Your work is very, very good. We went through the house showing days last fall. I’m with ya. I hope it is a short jaunt for your family.

  9. Oh, Kait, I so hoped you would pull ahead to stay but as you say with such grace, your nomination means much. I will say that ROW80 changes writers’ lives every round, mine included, and I have a feeling that Red, for you, is just the beginning. Again, congratulations, Kait!


  10. Best wishes for the house sale. It is nerve-wracking to have your house on the market. So happy you made it past Round 1 in DABWAHA. Your book was wonderful. I do hope you saw an increase in sales as part of your nomination. 🙂 Happy ROW80!

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