Sunday Summary

  1. So, writing went decently this week.  I had 839 on Wednesday, 359 on Thursday, and 37 on Friday.  I’m just under 5k for the month so far.  One of my college BFFs who is practically my big brother got hooded for his PhD on Friday, so I wasn’t at a computer for a large chunk of the afternoon and evening.  And yesterday I read Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls all day.  I make no apologies.  I’ve been waiting for that book for a year. And of course now I’ve got to wait a year for book 6.  UGH.  Anyway, it was like an injection of inspiration juice.  By four chapters in, I’d gotten my brain ungunked enough to sort out what was missing from my Act 2.  Of course I could only take enough time to make notes on that because I had to know what happened to Jace.  So.  That’s part of my plan this morning, to sort that out.  Act 2 I mean.  I found out what happened to Jace.
  2. Also on the awesome front, yesterday DAISY SAT UP ON HER OWN ON HER BAD SIDE (she hasn’t done this since her FCE).  Her motivation for doing this was to snap at the fly that saw fit to land on her fanny.  Rolled right up and snapped at it and then sat there looking at us like “What?” because we were goggling.  We got her to sit up about three more times over the course of the evening.  It was a big deal.
  3. I have incredibly mixed feelings about The Mortal Instruments series now.  See, when it was first envisioned, it was three books, so there was a nice clean plot arc for the trilogy and it was resolved all nice and perfect and HEA.  Somewhere in there, amid the raging popularity of the series, they contracted Clare for another trilogy.  Which meant that she has been all kinds of mucking around with Jace and Clary’s HEA.  Now I don’t care so much that there’s more adventure for the Shadowhunters and that Sebastian is trying to take over the world, but don’t muck around with my HEA damn it! I am a romance reader.  I am so not cool with that!  It’s part of why I felt so strongly that I was done with Sawyer and Elodie.  So in book 4 (this would be the point at which you should stop reading for spoilery reasons) they split Clary and Jace up because of possession.  And in this book there was…basically another variation on this.  It Meaning that my two favorite characters that were FINALLY together at the end of book 3 are apart for most of books 4 and 5.  was starting to feel like a YA paranormal version of Days of Our Lives.  I kept half expecting Marlena to pop up… UGH.  Not like this is slowing me down in my desperation for wanting to know WHAT HAPPENS but it really BUGS ME.  I’m just sayin’.
  4. The house is turning into chaos.  Boxes boxes everywhere.  More packing today.  T minus 12 days.
  5. And in T minus 5 days, DFWCON!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. writing seems to have gone well and its so nice to find out whats wrong and be able to do something about it – and happy days, hope you gave the fly a reward for its sterling work there:)

    keep smiling

  2. Yay for Daisy’s progress! *cheers and claps all around* Good luck with both DFWCon and the upcoming move! I skipped over the part about the new MI book–I have book one on my Nook ready to go this week! lol Have a great week! (oh and I am trying out your crock pot pulled pork recipe next weekend–I can’t wait!)

  3. This is why I’ve decided to hold off on the last three Mortal Instruments books. It’s been hard but I absolutely loved the first three and liked the way they ended. Then I heard about three more and I got worried there would be struggle with Jace and Clary’s relationship. I love my romance too and hate when a couple finally finally gets together only to break up a few more times. It really puts me off a series if that happens. I’m trying to wait until the ladt one is out then I can read them without waiting 🙂

  4. Woot! Woot! So eager to meet you in person at DFW Con. Thrilled to hear the good news about Daisy. I had Cassandra Clare’s first book from the library a couple of months ago and didn’t get around to reading it before it was due. I think it should go on my summer reading list. Best wishes for a fabulous week!

  5. Your writing is going much better than mine!

    That’s great news about Daisy. She’ll be back to her old self in no time.

    I can’t believe DFWCON is so close to moving time. That’s going to be a busy time for you! But both events are exciting. 🙂

  6. Ooh, I love getting lost in a book I’ve been waiting for! And hurray about Daisy! All kinds of good stuff there. Good luck with the packing.

  7. YAY for DAISY!!!!!! Glad she’s making progress. I also got lost in a book this weekend. Typos almost killed it for me but the story was good enough to keep me turning pages until the end.
    Sounds like you still got a good amount accomplished even with everything else going on. Good luck!

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