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I know.  Riveting title, that.

So I’m back from the doctor AGAIN.  Ear infection in the OTHER ear.  Outer ear infection this time.  Seventeen years with nothing, and all of the sudden, wham bam.  Upside, the hole in my first eardrum is pretty well healed over.  Whatever.  I have more antibiotics, more ear drops, and hopefully my head will stop feeling like there’s a red hot poker shoved in my ear canal in a day or two.   At least my health insurance is actually getting USED for once?

I’ve gotten a number of lovely comments from readers (because readers are AWESOME) in response to yesterday’s post wherein I allow myself to be human.  I know.  Imagine that.  Someone should probably document the day with pictures and recordings and evidence that this actually occurred.

So having turned over this new leaf, I’m not stressing over the fact that I have cut 8k from DOTH the last two days, or that I didn’t get anything really written yesterday due to the food poisoning I got at lunch.  Yeah, it’s been a real peach of a week.  At least it was over and done in a few hours and wasn’t one of those cases that lingered.  I feel totally fine on THAT front today.

The sun is actually out, so hubs is going to chance mowing and hoping he doesn’t rut up the yard with the lawn mower.  I need to work on doing some blitz cleaning of the house and finally dealing with the Land O’ Crap I Haven’t Wanted to Deal With (aka The Guest Room, which will be occupied next weekend).  We’ll be walking the dogs later.  I’ve found a new gluten free sandwich bread recipe I want to try.  And SOMEWHERE in there I am going to write.  :glares at Universe in challenge: (okay, not really, because dude, I’ve had enough this week)

Oh.  No, apparently I’ll be painting the new tool bench while hubs mows.  It’s been declared to be cool enough to start dealing with the garage.  Joy.  Needs doing.  That’s the other Land O’ Crap We Haven’t Wanted To Deal With.  So…I’m off to go sweat.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. Wow, I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so bad! I hope you get better quickly. My hubby was thinking about mowing, but he realized it had poured rain last night and the grass is REALLY wet. Grrrr.

    I hope you get a lot accomplished today. I hear my hubby in there sweeping, so the guilt is overtaking me. I’m off to go help with something. 🙂

  2. Do you subscribe to They post gluten-free recipes every so often and I think of you and your hubby. Today’s enewsletter offered a recipe for gluten-free pancakes and the comment was that they are really good and have a texture and taste much like the wheat flour pancakes. Just FYI. 🙂

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