Monday, Monday and Project Planning

It’s already become one of those eye twitch Mondays.  o.O

I actually did have a post idea in mind before it got to this point, but the landslide of just MONDAYNESS has wiped it from my brain.

It started out well enough.  I ran for the first time in a week and it didn’t kill me (usually that much time off means I HURT when I go back).  It was actually rather beautiful out–the sun rising behind the fog, like that early morning scene with Elizabeth and Darcy at the end of the latest version of Pride and Prejudice (sadly without the cool weather and “your hands are cold” to go with it–oh how I can’t wait for FALL).

Then in the shower, I notice there’s mildew all over the grout lines in the tile ceiling.  You know, the ceiling that’s NINE FEET HIGH?  Precisely how am I supposed to clean that?  I made a valiant effort.  Got a stool and stuck my arm through the hole above the glass door and blindly sprayed Tilex mildew root remover in the general direction of the ceiling.  But even on the stool I’m not tall enough and my arms won’t reach.  Then when it came time to rinse it off, I couldn’t get the showerhead (one of these two piece numbers you’re supposed to be able to switch between the wand thing and a stationary head) to just the wand without getting soaked, and I didn’t have time to do it in my birthday suit since I was trying to get out the door to work.  If anybody has genius ideas how the  heck I can clean this without getting bleach all over me, I am all ears.

Then I deliberately took a detour to the bank to deposit a check hubs got for a wedding we did back in APRIL, only to get there and find out that they made the friggin BANK CHECK (why they couldn’t just pay cash like everyone else, I don’t know) out wrong and our bank can’t cash or deposit it.

Then I get to work (late), and my boss is already on a tear about a dozen things she wants done like an hour ago (before business even started anywhere) and is irritated that people I need to get in touch with to do said things are not immediately answering the phone.  Because, of course, it’s Monday, and everyone is supposed to be waiting with baited breath for our call.  o.O

My FIL just called to let me know that Callie tried to eat a DVD.  Awesome.  I’ll be making a trip for some new, heavy duty rubber toys in the very near future.

And now I have a cramp in my fanny that I can’t seem to stretch out (evidently the pain from the run was delayed?).  I know, I know.  My fault for not stretching out well enough after I finished.  I got side tracked.

On the upside someone emailed me about my craigslist ad for the sofa I’m selling, which would make me VERY happy to get rid of.  Having it out of the garage would make work space to get the closet doors painted, which would make me very happy to also get up and done.

I’m getting back in a Get Stuff Done mode after having been to the neighbor’s house this weekend.  It’s all FINISHED, without spackle on the walls and such (even though it was the requisite wreck that goes along with having 2 year old twins).  It made me want to FINISH THINGS and take our house from moved in and unpacked to actually moved in and POLISHED.  It motivated me to go get some curtains for the living room (found a lovely set at Tuesday Morning that were quite reasonably priced).  Got those hung last night and had one of my curtain rods fall (while I was going up the frigging 10′ ladder–I’m feeling VERY vertically challenged by my house lately) which broke one of the finials on the end.  I had a bit of a fit and nearly cried.  My sweet hubby has been painstakingly fixing it with super glue.  The curtains still need steaming (who knows when I’ll get to that), but I think they add some much needed interest to that wall (we have 12′ ceilings in that room–beautiful but a PAIN IN THE BUTT to do anything on).  I’m thinking I’ll get the guest room painted next.  I REALLY want the kitchen done, but it ALSO has 12′ ceilings and I’m going to have to work up some serious motivation to tackle that.  The guest room is only 9′ ceilings and I’ve already got the paint (decided to just keep on using the khaki that’s in most of the rest of the house since I have some).  I can paint that room in a day, and once that’s done and the closet doors are installed, I can put up the new curtains I got for in there ($20 grommet top, thanks very much) and start making some funky pillows out of my 4 massive tubs of fabric for the day bed in there.  And that’ll be another thing off the list.  I really really really like crossing things off the list

We still need to paint the man cave and get curtains up in there.  Paint the kitchen and either find or make curtains for in there.  Put edging around all the flower beds so we don’t keep losing what mulch we have.  REmulch.  Build a flower bed around the mailbox.  Plant trees when it gets cooler and they wont’ DIE.  Change out all of these flowers that have died for bushes that are easier to care for.  WEED (OMG do I need to weed).  Come up with SOMETHING to do with the back patio to make it an inviting space until we can afford to build the pergola we want.  Finish installing all the organizer things on the wall in the garage and get stuff ON THEM.  Get 3 chairs recovered.  Find a deal on a pair of tall bar stools for the kitchen.  Find a new flush mount light for the breakfast nook (so people stop banging their heads on the hanging fixture which is in a weird place).  Do my faux tin backsplash.  Mat and frame several of my larger prints and get THOSE hung…  Yeah…this is all gonna take a while.

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday and Project Planning

  1. What a Monday!

    Yes, it’s going to take a while to get everything done, but you’ll feel better with each accomplishment. We’ve needed to paint our living room and dining room for a really long time. It’s those 16′ ceilings that keep us procrastinating. It’s a challenge just to change a light bulb. I keep wondering why we build the house like that. LOL

    1. Man, whenever the den needs painting, I’m saving up and hiring out. I’m a messy painter to begin with, so the whole concept of 12 ‘ ceilings can’t end well…

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