Midweek Check-In

I have very little to report on the writing front.  Monday continued to be a Monday to the Nth degree, so my brain was just fried by the time I got home.  I got nothing done.  Yesterday was better but still crazy busy, and phone calls took up a big block of my limited writing time (I know, I shouldn’t have answered–my fault), so I only got a little over 500 words.  But I am finally SEEING the scene I’ve been struggling with, so that’s positive.

Susan’s been revisiting a lot of old work the last couple weeks.  Which made me start thinking back over some of mine.  She’s got one that, if she pushed through the rest of the last act and finished it, and did some cleaning up, is actually publishable.  This is the book she was working on early in our working relationship.  I can’t even look at the book I was writing then.  She knew more than me back then–and maybe it was intuitive rather than a conscious expression of some lesson of craft, but she did.  We’re on more even footing these days and it makes me realize how much I’ve learned (and so has she–we’ve both spent a lot of time intensively studying craft the last several years), how many bad habits I’ve broken in my work.  I’m so much BETTER for having worked with her, for having her in my world (writing and otherwise).  Shut up, we’re not singing Kumbya.

I have ONE partial manuscript from 2008 or so that I’d love to revisit.  It was originally intended as a romantic suspense.  I’ve done some mulling over what it would be like if I just made it straight contemporary romance.  I doubt I’ll do that.  It would mean getting rid of one of my absolute favorite aspects of the story, and while I recognize the importance of killing my little darlings, I don’t think I can murder this one.  One of these days I’ll come back to that book.  You know, when I move to a planet with a 36 hour day and finally get to quit my day jobs.

4 thoughts on “Midweek Check-In

  1. Monday to the Nth degree… that’s EXACTLY what Monday was.

    If you find out where that planet is… please share? I’d really like a 36 hour day (even more so if I didn’t have to work for 13+ hours of that day!)

  2. I’m excited about the possibility of Susan publishing that older book. We talked about it a little on Saturday. And I bet your romantic suspense just needs a little tweaking. I like romantic suspense. 🙂

    Oh, a 36 hour day! You know, if I could just quit my job, I would be quite content with a 24 hour day. Just think of all we could accomplish during those hours spent working for someone else.

  3. Hey, writing is writing, as long as you’re doing it that’s progress. I can only imagine how much you’ve learned in the last few years as a writer. Thank you for sharing it with all of us so willingly! I’m headed for vacation next week, but when I’m back, we should totally do a word sprinty! We’ll meet for virtual coffee/tea like old times!

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